Men's Basketball's Garino Featured on Argentinean TV

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While his stock will continue to rise over his next three seasons at GW, men's basketball rising sophomore guard Patricio Garino is already a hot commodity in his native Argentina.

While at home between the end of the spring semester and start of Summer I, Patricio did several interviews with his hometown media, including this local TV feature on Teleocho Informa Canal 8 on May 17.  It shows many of his rookie highlights, but is in Spanish, however Pato was kind enough to translate for us after the jump below...

REPORTER: "Do you remember the kid that surprised everybody with that half-court three-point shot playing for the Argentinean National Team in the Under-19 World Championships? Well, that kid - Patricio Garino - keeps growing, and this Friday, May 17 he celebrates his 20th birthday in his house in Mar del Plata with family while recovering from an injury."

PG: "I had meniscus surgery approximately a month ago and the recovery is going well.  I want to come back slowly due to past knee problems over the past four years, the same problems that did not let me participate in different tournaments. Now it is time to be back at 100 percent."

REPORTER: "Time goes by and Patricio - the Mar del Plata native who started playing in Club Union and left at just 16 years old to study in the United States - is now 2.00 meters (6-foot-6) and a fundamental part of the George Washington University where he plays and studies economics." ("If you can play, you can play" video clip)

PG: "We are in a campus in the middle of the city with approximately 40,000 people working and studying.  Our priority is academics, but I had the opportunity to be a part of the basketball team.  My last year in high school in Orlando I had various offers for different universities and I had the chance to visit three of them in which GW was included.  I was looking at academics, the team and how the players were living in those visits, and honestly, Washington, DC was touching for me because I felt at home.  The city is very similar to our nation's capital, but more organized, clean and secure.  The quality of people that forms the university is incredible, the support that they give you is amazing and it makes your life much easier.  Our team is not a normal team from what people are used to seeing in college because we have five international players - a guy from Denmark, a guy from Greece, a guy from Serbia and a guy from Canada, including me - so the team is practically composed of a FIBA team.  That's why we get a little bit more publicity, but thankfully my relationship with my teammates is amazing - we all get along perfectly since we are all in the same situation away from home."

REPORTER: "The national team is one of your dreams, the NBA is another one.  What are your goals or objectives, what are the next steps to get there?"

PG: "Well the goals are both the national team and the NBA, but for being a freshman I had a solid season starting every game, so I feel like those people are watching closely. People are looking at us because we have players with a lot of qualities.  So now for the second season, my goal is to improve my numbers and minutes so in the future get a look from an NBA scout and 'why not be in an NBA Draft one day?'"

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