Student-Athlete Summer Blog: Brian Mojica #5

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Brian Mojica is a rising junior on the men's water polo team. He will be traveling to Singapore, Vietnam and China as part of a Dean's Scholars study tour May 20-June 5 and will be blogging about his experience.

Our last two days in Singapore were our free days, which is an opportunity to do touristy stuff. My free day consisted of great views, lovely company, reinforcing my title as garbage disposal and getting lost twice. 

Its sometimes hard to believe all the opportunities that arise if you work hard and strive for excellence. I know sometimes it may seem tough to study for an exam or write a paper, but each time you force yourself to do these things you reinforce a talent that translates to the business world. I have taken in a lot of knowledge in my time at GW, but what I think is the most important is the skills I have gained. Which are managing my time, knowing my priorities, and becoming a strategic thinker.

I have learned how to effectively manage my time and how important it is to know my priorities. Being at college without any parental guidance can sometimes be overwhelming but I realized that if I know my priorities and stick to my schedule I don't need my parent's guidance.  GW has also helped me become a strategic thinker. What being a strategic thinker means is thinking in a manner that allows me to effectively analyze different things such as books, poems, businesses and cultures. I have noticed a shift in the way I go about reading books and the way I go about everyday life. As I write to close up my time in Singapore, I realized that if I apply myself and work for excellence I can get more opportunities to do things like this. This is only the first part of the trip and I cannot wait to experience the other countries. I know that after each visit I will get more excited by the fact that I am there that I will want to work harder so I can go back. So whenever you feel like you don't want to study just remember all the things you can achieve if you put in some hard work. There are many opportunities out there you just need to work for them.

During the trip I have befriended the NUS students and the professor, and I cannot thank them enough for there hospitality. They have gone to great lengths to ensure that our time here was amazing and there are no words in the dictionary to describe how much I appreciate what they have done. They put up with my shenanigans and toured us around during their vacation time. I am grateful to have met them and I cannot thank them enough. So to Prof Teo, Jessica, Annabelle, Talia, Lydia, Afiqah, Genevieve, and Elson, once again thank you for everything, I have learned a lot on the trip and I hope you will contact me if you ever come back to the states. RAISE HIGH!

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