Student-Athlete Summer Blog: Maggie Skjelbred #1

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Margrethe (Maggie) Skjelbred is a rising sophomore on the George Washington volleyball team. This summer, she will be traveling and competing as a member of the Norwegian Senior National Team and will be blogging about her experience.

Hi! My name is Maggie Skjelbred and I am on the George Washington volleyball team. I just finished my freshman year at GW and now I am now back home in Norway training with the Senior National Team. During the summer we will be competing at international tournaments in Poland and Russia. 

Norway is a small country but sports are a big part of the culture. We are best known for soccer and winter sports, but for me volleyball was always my passion.

When I was 15 I moved to a boarding school called Topp Volley Norway. It is a high school for the best volleyball players in the country and the coaches are experienced and recognized internationally. Many of them are coaches for Norway's different national teams. This is where the Senior National Team coach first saw me and I have been playing for him ever since.

The Norwegian National Team is not yet at the high elite level but our goal for the future is to compete with the best teams. It's very exciting to be a part of this journey!

This past December we went to Luxembourg and played in a tournament against Luxembourg, Scotland and England. We ended up winning the tournament, which bodes well for the future.


Me and the team after winning Novotel cup, the tournament in Luxembourg. 

This summer we are going to compete more, but now at a higher level. Our first meet is a training camp in Oslo and then we are going to Poland to continue practice and play in a tournament. Our last competition is the Universiade in Russia. It is also called the Olympics for students, so it is a very big event and I can't wait!

After all my exams and packing up my room, I flew back to Norway. When I landed in Oslo, I took the bus to the city and slept for a couple of hours to try to avoid jetlag. Then I went straight to practice with the team. The camp started on May 9th and I arrived on the 16th, so they had already been practicing for a couple of days. The setup for the camp was different each day. Some sessions we had lifting and practice and other days practice and a game later in the day, but we always had two practices for about 2-3 hours every day.

One great thing about getting home early was that I got to celebrate Norway's National Day; May 17th. It's always fun because everyone dresses up in our national costumes and walks in parades. I also got to celebrate it with my whole family which made the day even better.

I am very excited about the summer and so happy to get the chance to compete at the international level. I think my experiences and my development from my freshman year at GW is going to help during the summer. I hope this blog will encourage some of you to train harder, dream big and always Raise High.



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