Student-Athlete Summer Blog: Brian Mojica #9

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It's been a week since my trip and I have learned to appreciate things a lot more. For example, being able to communicate with almost everyone you talk to is a plus, or being able to read the menus at restaurants. I am very fortunate to have gone on the trip, and besides learning to appreciate the things I have, I gained a lot of knowledge, which has helped me create new goals. I have learned that I seem to be a very ambiguous Asian, because every country we went to the locals asked if I was a native. Two, I learned that flirting with the ladies in the market can really help in getting discounts. And three, life is weird when Facebook and YouTube are blocked. In all seriousness though, I learned a lot about how culture affects the business process, the importance of bringing a map with you wherever you go, how useful it is to learn another language and how you should not expect everyone just to know English.

The trip also helped me lay out some goals for myself. Experiencing the businesses firsthand and seeing all the opportunities that can arise if I am able to get a job in one of those companies has made me desire to work for one of those companies. Because of the trip, I realized that I want to go into the field of HR and I want to work in a country outside of the United States. Doing the site visits has given me a newfound motivation to work hard so I can become successful. I know that GW will give me all the opportunities to achieve my goals, I just need to work hard and take advantage of them. GW has taught me the importance of knowing my priorities and sticking to them. I learned that if I understand what they are I can become more efficient and excel in both academics and athletics. 

I want to say thank you to my professor and TA and the people I went on the trip with; I could not ask for a better group of people to go with. We had a joke that we were sort of like the Breakfast Club - although we were not friends before the trip, we learned to get along and we became good friends because of it. Thank you to my parents, aunts and uncles for helping me fund the trip, and thank you to Patrick Nero and Jessica Bernheim for helping me out with the blog. Thanks to those of you who have red the blog; I appreciate it and I hope you learned something from it.

As always, take care and RAISE HIGH!

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