Student-Athlete Summer Blog: Maggie Skjelbred #3

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After a week of being home I went down south in Norway to visit my old high school, Topp Volley Norway. On Friday, I had a reunion with some of my old classmates in Stavanger. It was awesome to see them all again and catch up. From my old class, seven girls went to the United States and three guys went to Canada to study and play volleyball. Before this group, only one girl has gone to the States and two guys had gone professional in Europe.

During my visit to my old school, a coach from University of the Pacific was visiting to watch one of the boys play. This coach actually had our program's old coach, Joe, as an assistant a couple of years ago. It's crazy how small this world is!

Here are some pictures of my high school!

bilde 1.JPG

This is a picture of the building where I lived during high school. The one to the left is for juniors and the one straight ahead is for seniors. The building to the right is the cafeteria. 

bilde 2.JPG
The beach courts at my high school, Top Volley Norway. The sand was imported from Spain!

bilde 3.JPG
A picture of our gyms. The one on the left is the indoor gym and the right one is our beach volleyball gym. In front of the gyms is a soccer field and outdoor track.

bilde 4.JPG
A picture from the Under-23 Beach Volleyball World Championships. The Norwegian boys played on the center court!

After training with my old coaches for a couple of days, I traveled to Poland to watch the U-23 Beach Volleyball World Championships.  It was so much fun watching the Norwegian teams play and they got ninth place! However, it was also tough to watch because I wasn't able to participate and I really wanted to play! The skill level at the tournament was really high and there were teams from all over the world, including the United States! Some of the players even play on the world tour and other professional circuits.

After some exciting days watching beach volleyball, I took the bus to Kielnarova where I met up with the National team. This is where we are staying the next week to practice and play matches.

Until next time, Raise High!


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