@GWCrossCountry's Rob Craven Named November Community Service Student-Athlete of the Month

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Sophomore Rob Craven has been named the GW Department of Athletics & Recreation's Community Service Student-Athlete of the Month for November.

"Over the past semester, Rob has taken the lead on the men's cross country in engaging in community service projects," said LifeSkills Coordinator Ted Costigan. "The nearly 50 hours that Rob has volunteered this semester has made a big impact as our student-athletes strive to Raise High in the community."


Craven has been active in a number of community-service initiatives but has primarily worked with Culture Service-Learning Buddies, a weekly program that mentors international students studying at George Washington.

"Cultural Service-Learning Buddies is a program run by the Center for Student Engagement that aims to bridge the cultural gap for international students studying at George Washington," explained Craven. "A large portion of our foreign students at GW have never been to the United States before embarking on their collegiate experience. So this complete immersion into the American way of life, along with the obvious language barrier, is certainly a lot to take in. This program specifically tasks American students to meet with their peers once a week, just to talk. Conversations may be about their respective cultures, D.C. landmarks or their favorite movies. In addition, there is a community service aspect of the program that works towards getting foreign students off of campus to really experience their new city."

He has also been active as a leader with Grassroots Colonials, GW's HIV/AIDS awareness program for youths.

"I think it is the responsibility of student-athletes, as well as all students with free time, to donate a little of your week to help others in need," said Craven. "I have always thought of it as something that you owe to the community for no other reason than because you can. I think the Athletic Department has certainly realized its responsibility to the community and has provided a great example of what college students are capable of accomplishing, as evidenced by the record number of hours recorded last year."

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