#GWDownUnder Day 4: Arrival in Adelaide & New Year's Day Practice

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G'day, mates and Happy New Year!

We opened 2014 with an early three-hour flight from Cairns to Adelaide as we began the second leg of our Australian tour. After arriving the team had lunch and got the chance to walk around and explore the city in which it will remain for the next five days.

Following lunch the team headed to the nearby Brighton Lacrosse Club field where it was greeted by Trish Adams, head coach of the Australia Women's National Team. With the 2014 season right around the corner, everyone hit the field for practice with their new RAISE HIGH sticks in tow and donning their crisp Australia 2014 t-shirts. The squad will face Brighton tomorrow in its first of four games while in Adelaide.

We then gathered for a team dinner back at the hotel and called it an early night after a long day of traveling and activities. Everyone is looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow and playing one of Australia's great club programs. Additionally, prior to the game the team will be afforded the opportunity to enjoy an excursion to the Cleland Wildlife Park.

We hope everyone had safe and happy New Year's Eve celebrations and we're excited to #RaiseHigh this upcoming season! 

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