#GWDownUnder Day 6: Cricket Lesson, Game vs. Glenelg & Aboriginal Cultural Experience

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Gillespie Sports Cricket Nets & Pitch: Video | Photo Gallery

Game vs. GLC: Highlights

Aboriginal Cultural Experience: Video

G'day, mates!

Today was chock-full of activities as we opened the morning with a cricket lesson, competed in our second game of our Australian tour and wrapped the evening with an Aboriginal cultural experience.

This morning we took local transit a few miles down the road to Gillespie Sports Cricket Nets and Pitch where we received a tutorial and information session on the unique game of cricket, which is played between two teams of 11 players. Our instructor explained the rules of the game - which is not often played in the United States - and everyone got the chance to bowl (pitch) and bat for a few hours.

While many might have thought the swing of the bat was comparable to baseball or golf, they were quickly corrected once they stepped onto the pitch! One member of the team would insert a ball into a bowl machine, which then shot it down the lane of nets where the batsman waited to hit. For cautionary reasons, we did not use actual cricket balls while batting, rather hit tennis balls instead. In addition to batting we also practiced our bowling skills and, using cricket balls, hurled our attempts down the pitch at a wall. After our lesson some members of the team enjoyed a professional cricket game on TV while others practiced their bowling skills and some tried on equipment.

"Cricket was really fun. They taught us how to bat a few different ways so the bowling machine would release the ball at different angles. A lot of us were trying to hit it like a baseball bat, which didn't really work out, but it was awesome to meet people who play and learn from them. We had a great time as a team." - Jenn Seitz, Junior

Following our cricket lesson members of the team had lunch on their own then we headed to the field for our game against Glenelg Lacrosse Club. The Colonials put on a shooting clinic, defeating the Seahawks, 19-6, on the afternoon. Junior Jamie Bumgardner led all scorers with three goals and two assists, while sophomore Gabbi Hull netted four goals and freshman Bailey Forcier tallied three scores.

After the win over GLC the team got the chance to experience an Aboriginal cultural lesson, which included learning about the importance of spears and boomerangs for hunting and war purposes. Aboriginal Australians, also referred to as Aborigines, are those whose ancestors are indigenous to the mainland of the country or the island of Tasmania.

In addition to learning about the Aboriginal culture, members of the team were also able to have their faces and arms painted while they learned songs and participated in traditional dances. The players were eager to partake in the Aboriginal experience and enjoyed learning about the Aborigines' origins and background.

Tomorrow we will host a clinic for Adelaide youth in two age groups - 8-12 and 13-17 - before taking on the South Australian All Stars at the Brighton Lacrosse Club.

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