@GW_Volleyball Summer Blog Series: Hello Newman #2

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Hi GW volleyball fans, friends and family!

This summer has been absolutely beautiful in DC and I can't believe we're already about through the first summer session!

Jordan and I have been keeping up with workouts, going to open gyms throughout the DC area, and even running around the monuments. Preseason is only about a month away and we're very excited!

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Working at the Pentagon is even cooler now that I have the hang of things. The security guards recognize me, I can walk to the metro multiple ways and I've even done some shopping inside the building.

In just a few weeks I've done so much in the clinic - I created a "smartphone apps" and "fitness gadgets" board for the Health Fair, I shadow two of the Physical Therapists each week, and I've completed my own appointments after shadowing the "Runner's Program", a "Corrective Exercise Strategies" session, and a strength training session. I love learning about the military history of patients and employees, and even more about my future career after shadowing everyone in the clinic.

With the Physical Therapy school application opening up soon, I've also set up a couple meetings with schools around the area to learn about the process and admission requirements. Now that my summer session class is coming to an end, I can begin to focus on studying for the GRE and applying to the schools I have looked into. Fingers crossed!

Last weekend, I was so excited to be a part of an annual gathering for the university leaders and members of the community at the Mt. Vernon Estate. I was invited to join GW's Board of Trustees, presidents, deans, administrators, alumni, current students and other student-athletes at the "History in the Making" retreat. This was such a wonderful opportunity for students, like myself, to thank the alumni and donors to the university for everything they do for GW and the community.

I've included a picture with some of my friends from the athletic department and Michelle Rubin, one of the wonderful GW graduates who serves on the GW Athletics Advisory Council. She does so much for the athletic department and GW as a whole. I was so honored and proud to be a part of such a wonderful evening.


Here are a few more photos from the event!




Between work at the Pentagon, exercise around the National Mall, and dinners at the Mt. Vernon Estate, I've had my share of #OnlyatGW moments this summer. Hillary Clinton was even on campus the other day!

Be sure to check out GW volleyball's video filled with #OnlyAtGW moments as well.

Thanks for reading! Raise High!


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