@GW_Volleyball Summer Blog Series: Nat Takes on NY #2

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Hi everyone!

I'm back for my second post and after a about a month back home in the Big Apple, I have a lot to share with you all!

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Like I discussed in my last post, my summers are mostly consumed with getting ready for the upcoming volleyball season. And now being home for about a month, volleyball has been on overdrive. Where there is a ball and a net I'm there with some friends playing for hours a day. Recently there have been more opportunities to play because of Adult Nationals in Phoenix. There were many teams in the Metropolitan area that went down to Phoenix, Arizona to compete and with that they need people to compete against in order to prepare for the tournament and you know who was there to help out. And by help out it was really just free volleyball against some of the best adult volleyball players in the New York area (Not a bad deal!).


One of my favorite parts about living in New York on the Island has to be being so close to the beach. This gives way to playing in beach volleyball and even some grass volleyball tournaments. So far I have competed, and won, in quite a few along with fellow collegiate athletes that I have known for years now. I'm looking forward to playing with more athletes over the course of the summer and maybe call up one fellow Long Islander, GW sophomore setter Emily Clemens, to dominate the beach with me one weekend.


In addition playing I have also been taking a summer course at a local college on the Island to get ahead on my course work so that when I return to GW I will be able to focus on my core classes to my full ability.

I hope that you all are enjoying your summer as much as I am and all of these adventures are getting me even more excited to get back on the court with the team in DC this August.

Best wishes,


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