@GW_Volleyball Summer Blog Series: Timmer Time #2

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Hello again to all the GW family, friends and fans,

Starting today I want to include a quote with each of my blog posts. Each time I want to find a quote and then we can think about it as we go throughout our week! I love quotes and I find them very motivational.

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This quote is one that pertains directly to my summer. Taking two summer classes is tough but I cannot slack off. Thinking about doing it now rather than procrastinating reduces stress and give me much more free time to focus on volleyball in the fall.

It has definitely had its ups and down and some days are tougher than others, but I have learned so much and really enjoyed being able to spend time with the material. Last week was "midterms" so I had a physics test and an orgo test. They both went well and now finals are next week. It's crazy to me how fast this summer has gone already.

Working for Alexa is still wonderful and I learn new things each and every day. Her will to work so hard and be happy is inspiring and amazing to me. She is such a happy and confident person! It has been an incredible experience so far and I cannot wait to continue growing and becoming better friends throughout the summer!

A few weekends ago I had the great idea to go home for Father's Day. I did not tell anyone and it was a total surprise! The trip was a success and it was nice to be home for the weekend and relax with friends and family. Hanging out with my siblings and just relaxing was the highlight of the weekend. I went to a Tigers game with my stepdad's family on Sunday and that was a blast. It was great to hang out with the family and the Tigers came through with a big win!

Each and every day I get a little more excited about starting preseason and for all the girls to get back on campus. I cannot wait for the returners to come back stronger than when we left and I am extremely excited to finally have the freshman on campus!

Raise High the Buff and Blue!

Jordan #18

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