@GW_WBB Staff Accepts #Chillin4Charity Cold Water Challenge

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On hot summer days in Foggy Bottom, the GW women's basketball staff has found ways to stay cool by participating in the #Chillin4Charity Cold Water Challenge, a fundraising effort to support the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Head Coach Jonathan Tsipis and his staff - assistant coaches Diane Richardson and Bill Ferrara and director of basketball operations Erica Williamson - were all challenged by their peers in the coaching ranks. Before buckets of ice water were dumped over their heads, each coach challenged another group of colleagues from across the country.

"This is a fun way for women's basketball coaches around the country to raise money and awareness for such an important cause," said Coach Tsipis.

Coach Tsipis accepted his challenge on Thursday in University Yard after being called out by Boston College head coach Erik Johnson, while his staff completed their challenges on Tuesday in front of the Charles E. Smith Center.

The Cold Water Challenge was started by Arizona women's basketball coach Niya Butts as a fundraiser for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Once challenged, each coach or player has 48 hours to respond. Any head coach that chooses not to participate owes the Kay Yow Cancer Fund $250. If the coach does participate in the challenge, the original coach that challenged him or her will donate $50 to the foundation. Assistant coaches owe $100 if they do not answer the challenge, and they donate $25 when the coaches whom they challenge accept. Student-athletes can participate, as well, by giving back through community service.

Coach Tsipis takes the Cold Water Challenge:

Coach Richardson, Coach Ferrara and Erica Williamson take the Cold Water Challenge:

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