@GW_Volleyball Summer Blog Series: Nat Takes on NY #3

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Hello Everyone!

We are done with June and into July which means another month closer to getting back on the court with my teammates in August. As the day to the first practice of preseason approaches, I've been finding different ways to spend my time at home the best way I can with friends and family. I've officially started playing in two indoor volleyball leagues with former high school and club teammates, some of which now play collegiate volleyball as well. So far we have been very successful against our competition and look to continue for the rest of the summer. 


In other news, the Leger household has been hooked on watching the World Cup. My family are huge fans of the game and are loving every minute of it. Especially my dad who is actually in the host city of Brazil watching it live in person. During one of the matches he attended we were even able to spot him on TV in the crowd! When not watching the World Cup, I am spending plenty of time either working out or on the court getting in as many reps and touches I can with my friends who I share the common goal of getting ready for the next collegiate volleyball season with. It has been so much fun to see how all of us have grown and developed into better volleyball players over the course of this past year.

Now that I've been home for almost 2 months, each day I miss spending time with my GW teammates more and more. Over the course of my freshman year our team grew a very tight bond that the distance of being home for the summer cannot break. 

Being in New York makes it fairly easy for me to get back down to DC so I've decided to come down for and visit some of my fellow teammates who have been spending their summer on campus in DC. I'm very excited to see them again before preseason begins and see what they have been up to these past couple of months. And also hear more from them on the recent video that our team released showing the many #OnlyatGW moments. It was such a fun video to make and seeing the finished product was amazing to watch. You should all check it out on our GW Volleyball page and see all of the sights that we have the honor of having in our backyard. Thanks for reading Colonials!

Raise High,

Nat #14

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