@GW_WBB in Europe Day 2 - Buckingham Palace and More

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Our second day in London began with a driving tour through the city with our amazing tour guide, Ruth, that took us past a number of historic sites. After driving over London Bridge - which didn't fall down - we stopped for some photo opportunities near the more picturesque Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, a nearly 1,000-year-old castle that houses the royal crown jewels. From our spot across the River Thames, we had a great view of the White Tower.

From there it was on to Westminster, the government center, where we saw Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, the site of royal weddings and coronations, as well as the burial site for British monarchs.

Then we hopped off the bus and headed toward Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth's home, to witness the Changing of the Guard, a daily ritual in which guards who have been on duty for 48 hours are relieved and replaced by new guards. Our spot near the end of their route was a real treat, as we were able to see the guards officially relieved.

After the ceremony was over, we walked to Buckingham Palace itself for some more photo ops, then continued on to Clarence House, where Prince Charles lives. There were two guards protecting Clarence House, and as they marched back and forth we were able to get pretty close to them!

Next it was time to say goodbye to Ruth and head off for lunch near Trafalgar Square. Many in the group found a fantastic fish and chips shop to try the traditional British dish.

With sightseeing done for the day, we ventured into Knightsbridge for an hour of shopping at the massive upscale department store, Harrods. Then it was back to the hotel for some running and stretching to get our legs ready for tomorrow's game, and onto dinner and a big more shopping - with cheaper prices than Harrods - in Camden Town.

Tomorrow brings our first game against Barking Abbey School, a sports academy whose basketball team plays in the top division in England, and we're looking forward to getting on the court as a team for the first time. Barking Abbey is excited to play us, too!

See what Bria had to say about all of today's sights below, and be sure to check out the video recapphoto gallery and Facebook album.

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Bria's Blog

Senior Bria Bourgeois gives her take on the Colonials' second day in London.

What a day! We started off our day with a beautiful scenic tour around Central London. Our tour guide, Ruth, was awesome! Our first stop was to the Tower Bridge, where we took A LOT of pictures. We also learned that the whole "London Bridge is falling down" is a a complete myth, never happened. Killed all my dreams! Next stop, the famous Buckingham Palace, where we got to see the Changing of the Guard - it was AWESOME! Seeing the guards not crack a smile kind of freaked me out. How do you not smile for 48 hours? I couldn't. 

After we saw how the better half live, Caira and I decided to take the tube to Wimbledon Stadium. It was the cleanest train I have ever been on - I probably could have eaten right off the ground! We loved every minute of it. Everyone else spent their time shopping in Downtown London. They got on the bus with tons of shopping bags, so I'm guessing they had a good time.

We ended our night in Camden Market, a street filled with food vendors and shops that had souvenirs and stuff like that. We saw some very interesting-looking people and got to have a cheap meal! By the end of it, we were all dead tired! This time difference is definitely still taking some getting used to. So with that, I think I'll go ahead and get my eight hours of beauty sleep! We have a big day ahead - GAME DAY BABY!

Until tomorrow,

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