@GW_WBB in Europe Day 4 - Chunnel, River Seine and Eiffel Tower

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Today we bid farewell to London and said "Bonjour" to Paris. We boarded the Eurostar train at St. Pancras Station around lunch time and prepared for the just under three-hour journey to Paris via the Chunnel, the tunnel that runs under the English Channel connecting London to Paris and the rest of mainland Europe.

Once in Paris, our bus took us straight to the Fontain Saint Michel, where we split up by position and went to dinner with our position coaches - point guards with Coach Dunne, wings with Coach Rich and posts with Coach Bill. Everyone ate at different bistros in the Latin Quarter and tried authentic French cuisine - including escargot! When in Paris!

After dinner we gathered back at Fontain Saint Michel and walked to the River Seine for a river cruise, where we caught our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. But the highlight of the night was to follow, as we next headed for the Eiffel Tower itself.

By the time we made it, the sun had set and the tower was lit up - it was beautiful! - and we got to see it sparkle as the clock struck 10 p.m. After posing for countless selfies and showing Paris our musical talents to the delight of many passers-by who stopped to watch, it was time to head up the Eiffel Tower and get the best view of the city - and it did not disappoint. We went all the way to the top - 276 feet up to the third level, much to the distress of a few acrophobic players and staff members.

Tomorrow brings a sightseeing tour of the city and a trip to the Louvre before our second game of the trip against AMW Team France, an all-star team of sorts that is comprised of several professional players as well as a number who played on the Under-20 French National Team. AMW has picked up a pair of wins in three games against NCAA Division I competition this summer, so we know it will be a big test, but we're up for it.

See what Bria had to say about today's activities below, and be sure to check out the video recap and photo gallery.

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Bria's Blog

Senior Bria Bourgeois gives her take on the Colonials' first day in Paris.

Paris here we come! Today we headed to France from London by train. The three-hour ride from London to Paris went by so quick. Beautiful, scenic route! On our train we played different card games to pass the time. Mr. Nero talked his trash and we all got really competitive. We got a little loud, but hey, we wouldn't be us if we didn't! The houses out in the French countryside were absolutely stunning! I can just see myself living out there living that GOOD LIFE!

For dinner we all split up with our position coaches to explore different restaurants. The wings and I went with Coach Rich and had a blast (the best group, obviously). For an appetizer I had to get some escargot, which were amazing! Duck confit for my entree was too good to explain - so tender it just melted in your mouth, fall-off-the-bone, seasoned to perfection good! And for dessert, creme brûlée!

 From there we took a river tour! It was so peaceful! The guide spoke in French the whole time so we were really just enjoying the scenery. Nothing wrong with that! It was finally time for what we had been waiting for all day - THE EIFFEL TOWER! Oh my gosh, there are no words. Truly breath-taking. For the first time in my life, I was kind of speechless. I couldn't believe that we were finally here! We sang, danced and entertained the huge crowds of people! It got to the point where people were asking us to sing. Not going to lie, I felt famous. People were recording us and everything. I can honestly say we shut the Eiffel Tower down. Videos coming!

It's game day tomorrow, so I'm off to bed!

Until tomorrow,

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