@GW_WBB in Europe Day 9 - Final Day in Monaco and Nice

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Today was the final day of our amazing European tour, and we spent it exploring picturesque Monaco and Nice. We left Marseille in the morning and headed a few hours northeast, passing vineyard after vineyard with rolling hills in the background.

We arrived in Monaco around lunchtime and spent the early part of the afternoon wandering the streets and taking in the spectacular views fo the tiny country located high above the Mediterranean Sea. At 0.8 square miles, Monaco is the second-smallest country in the world and the most densely populated with around 30,000 residents. Monaco is an independent kingdom but is under French military protection

One of the richest - and most expensive - countries in the world, Monaco has the highest concentration of millionaires and billionaires, which was obvious by the number of fancy cars on the street and giant yachts in the harbor.

After a few hours in Monaco, we doubled back to Nice, a vacation town on the Mediterranean Sea. Located just 30 minutes from Italy, the Latin influence was obvious in the brightly colored buildings and plazas. We spent the afternoon shopping and checking out the beach - which was completely made of rocks instead of sand - before our delicious farewell dinner.

Tomorrow we will fly home to D.C., so grateful for this amazing trip of a lifetime. We bonded as a team and grew closer as a family. Classes start on Monday, which means we are that much closer to the start of the 2014-15 season, and we can't wait to see what it brings!

Check out the final video recap for thoughts from the entire team on their favorite parts of the trip.

Merci beaucoup for following along with our entire European tour! We look forward to you following us throughout the upcoming season!

Raise High!

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