@GWBaseball1's Mark Osis Named Community Service Student-Athlete of the Month

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Sophomore Mark Osis has been named the George Washington Department of Athletics & Recreation's Student-Athlete of the Month for December after spearheading Project 25:40, which resulted in the collection of over 130 winter coats for the homeless community in Washington, D.C.

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"My good friend on the softball team, Megan Linn, and I were talking back in October about how upsetting it is that we walk past the same homeless people each day," said Osis. "We knew it was about to get cold out so we figured a coat and blanket drive was the most effective and realistic course of action. The name Project 25:40 comes from the bible verse Matthew 25:40 in which Jesus says 'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it for me.' This idea of servitude set the tone for the entire project."

Osis organized the collections to take place at the Charles E. Smith Center, with peak donation hours taking place during men's and women's basketball games. As the number of donations increased, he realized they may need some help.

The service hours that Osis accumulated during the drive ultimately contributed to GW's recent community-service championship in the fall semester. In an official contest sanctioned by HelperHelper, GW student-athletes completed over 5,130 hours of service to top universities from across the nation. 

"It is amazing to see how involved our entire Athletics Department has been this year in earning the HelperHelper title," said Osis. "Though, I would not say that the competition inspired this idea. Having such an involved community of student-athletes willing to serve and donate is a key reason why we were able to secure the amount of donations that we did. I can't thank our friends and fellow student-athletes enough. The results of their work have definitely shown."

Osis, along with the rest of GW's student-athletes, will strive to continue their community-service initiatives into the spring semester. Not because a service championship is on the mind, but because it is the right thing to do.

"As a whole, our community of student-athletes is able-bodied, highly motivated, and skilled at working as a team for a goal," said Osis. "With thousands of people in need in Washington, D.C., it feels irresponsible to not to what we can for them. We are blessed to have our college experience be in a setting as amazing as Foggy Bottom. With all that this collegiate setting has given us, it is important to take hold of the opportunity to give back to those in need."

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