@GW_MBB in Japan: Day Four

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Throughout GW men's basketball's tour of Japan, student-athletes will be providing insight on their experiences on's blog, 22nd & G. On day four, the Colonials visited the offices of the Yomiuri Giants of the Nippon Professional Baseball League and the Japan Sports Agency. Below, junior Yuta Watanabe writes about his experience:

"Meeting with the owner of Yomiuri Giants, Mr.Kubo, provided me with a lot of information about the team. Mr.Kubo used to be a writer, then he became the owner of the Yomiuri Giants. About 44,000 people come to see the Giants each game, which is the second largest average number of people attending games in the world following the L.A. Dodgers. I was surprised that even though Tokyo dorm is home field of Giants, they do not own the field. Also he talked about that there are fans all over the country. Therefore, they use the internet effectively to maintain their fans' interest. He also said that he is interested in creating a basketball team if Yomiuri succeeds more and makes more money.  As a big fan of Yomiuri Giants, I would like to join the basketball team if he creates it.  I am sure that Yomiuri Giants will continue to develop and make a better team.

"We went to Japan sports agency and learned how they are trying to spread sports in Japan. About 40.4 percent of Japanese are playing sports. They are trying to raise this number to about 66 percent. One thing that is beneficial to increasing the number of people who play sports is that it makes people healthier and will reduce medical expenses. The purpose of playing sports is changing. About 30 years ago, people were playing sports for fun but now they are playing sports to be healthy. The biggest reason why people do not play sports is that they are so busy due to work. Japanese are usually working from early morning to later night therefore they are trying to reduce working time and create easy activities that can be done in the office. They will continue to research about sports in Japan, and I hope they make Japan better through sports."

There are a number of ways to follow GW's travels. Updates will be posted to Twitter (@GW_MBB), Instagram (GW_MBB), Snapchat (GW_George) and Facebook (GW Men's Basketball). Additionally, you can see a composite of the team's social media activity here.

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