@GW_MBB in Japan: Day Six

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Throughout GW men's basketball's tour of Japan, student-athletes will be providing insight on their experiences on's blog, 22nd & G. On days five and six, the Colonials visited Asahi Shimbun, one of the largest daily newspapers in Japan, and Nike Japan. Below, graduate student Tyler Cavanaugh writes about his experience:

"Visiting Asahi Shimbun was a very intriguing experience because we were able to tour the entire facility and see their whole operation. One of the coolest things we got to see was the printing press that they use and hearing how loud the machine is was very cool too. How fast they are able to make these papers is amazing! The person that we talked to told us that it takes about 15 minutes total to print the papers and get them on the delivery truck due to this machine that takes man power completely out of the picture making it an entirely automated process. Another interesting thing was how many writers, reporters, and editors were working for this paper. This experience was cool because it was a firsthand account of everything that goes into the daily newspaper that is becoming outdated in today's generation!

"Visiting the Nike Japan office was very cool and interesting to hear about their strategies. After visiting with Asics and Mizuno it is amazing how much different Nike's focus is as they concentrate on their brand continuously to appeal to their customers. Nike stays on top of trends as well as trying to set their own as they look to maintain their dominance in the industry! Another important thing about Nike is how they evolve with the changing landscape of sports interests in different countries. A few years ago basketball was not very popular in Japan so they did not force their product line into the market but as they see increased growth in the sport they are looking to implement more products. As a company their attention to detail is amazing as they analyze the market in every possible facet in order to benefit their country. As well as the products being top of the line in technology and material they also have the best awareness of the customers which continually puts them on top!"

There are a number of ways to follow GW's travels. Updates will be posted to Twitter (@GW_MBB), Instagram (GW_MBB), Snapchat (GW_George) and Facebook (GW Men's Basketball). Additionally, you can see a composite of the team's social media activity here.

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