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GW Athletics Honors Exemplary Commitment to Academics in Dean’s List Ceremony

25 GW student-athletes earned a 4.0 in 2015.
Feb. 24, 2016 During halftime of the women’s basketball game against Richmond on Wednesday night, GW’s Athletic Academic Dean’s List members and the student athletes’ choice for Professor of the Year were honored.

In order to be recognized on the Dean’s List, student-athletes had to achieve a 3.0 grade point average or higher in either the spring 2015 or fall 2015 semesters. In the spring of 2015, more than 73 percent of GW student-athletes hit the mark, while nearly 69 percent of student-athletes were honored for the most recent fall semester. In both semesters, GW Athletics established all-time highs for cumulative GPA across all student-athletes, with the spring’s 3.22 representing an all-time best semester while the fall’s 3.19 cume was the highest-ever fall GPA when freshmen are first introduced to college.

Among the more than 375 student-athletes honored, 25 achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA in either the spring or fall semester of 2015, with five hitting the mark in both semesters. Katie Bishop (women’s track/cross country), Lauren Chase (women’s basketball), Sarah Costlow (softball), Marie-Louise Decamps (women’s tennis), Miranda DiBiasio (women’s track/cross country), Jonny Forrest (men’s soccer), Allison Hansen (women’s tennis), Annika Johnson (women’s soccer), Colin Kennedy (sailing), Camaryn Kerns (lacrosse), Hannah Kopydlowski (women’s swimming), Jen Nichols (women’s rowing), Anna Porras (women’s squash), Chris Shaffer (men’s track/cross country), Lauren Steagall (women’s swimming and diving) and Ellee Watson (men’s rowing) notched 4.0 GPAs last spring, while Brooke Bean (women’s soccer), Rob Craven (men’s track/cross country), Decamps, Forrest, Keenan Freyberg (men’s rowing), Benjamin Helfand (sailing), Nichols, Nicolas Reeves (men’s swimming), Olivia Rhodes (women’s rowing), Lana Robins (women’s tennis), Shaffer, Miranda Simon (women’s swimming and diving), Steagall and Danil Zelenkov (men’s tennis) achieved perfect 4.0 GPAs last semester.

“Year after year we see a record number of student-athletes recognized on our Dean’s List," said Director of Athletics and Recreation Patrick Nero. "The all-time high GPAs across the department and dozens of 4.0s among them is the strongest testament to the commitment to higher education made by our student-athletes, distinguished faculty, coaches and administration. It is our ultimate goal to build champions in the classroom, as well as in competition and in the community, and we're incredibly proud of our student-athletes' success.”

Prior to the Dean’s List recognitions, the student-athletes’ choice for the Professor of the Year was recognized. Each year, student-athletes are asked to submit nominations for their most valued professor, who makes the greatest contribution to the academic success of GW’s student-athletes. Once nominations are submitted, GW student-athletes then vote upon five finalists and the student-athletes’ choice for Professor of the Year.

Richard Zamoff was named as the student-athletes' choice. Zamoff is an Associate Professorial Lecturer in sociology who joined the faculty in 1982. Since 1996, Prof. Zamoff has served as director of the Jackie Robinson Project and since 1999, as faculty advisor to the Jackie Robinson Society.

Tara Radin (Business Law & Ethics), Diane Cline (History), Joseph Dymond (Geography) and Leon Michos (Economics) were also named finalists for student-athletes’ choice for Professor of the Year.