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NCAA Honors GW With SAAC Award of Excellence

May 5, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC - The NCAA's Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has honored the Grassroot Project with its spring 2010 SAAC Award of Excellence.

The Award of Excellence honors special and unique community-service work completed by student-athletes at Division I schools.

The combination of SAACs at GW, Georgetown and Howard were honored for work they began in 2009 fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS in the D.C. area.

National SAAC Chair Nick Fulton said the group that selected the winners was impressed with the three SAACs' ability to work together.

The Division I SAAC created the Award of Excellence in 2009 to honor local affiliates for their work in several categories: progress and growth, community service/outreach, sportsmanship initiatives, teamwork, originality and leadership. The award, given twice annually, is intended to bring attention to the good work of student-athletes and also raise the profile of the national committee.

Fulton said the SAAC received a record number of submissions this spring.

Sacred Heart also was recognized with an Award of Excellence for adopting a troubled inner-city school and serving as tutors and mentors.