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George Washington, George Mason to Commence Revolutionary Rivalry

Oct. 15, 2013

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George Washington and George Mason Athletics are proud to jointly announce the commencement of The Revolutionary Rivalry, an annual competition between the new Atlantic 10 Conference rivals separated by less than 20 miles.

Dating back to legendary debates on the Virginia House of Burgesses, George Washington and George Mason are two of the most distinguished Founding Fathers of the United States. Political rivals and longtime friends, the two had estates overlooking the Potomac River only miles away. With George Mason authoring the Virginia Declaration of Rights, the precursor to the United States Bill of Rights, and George Washington leading the Continental Army to a victory in the Revolutionary War, the two men are woven into the fabric of American history.

Today, George Washington and George Mason are the namesakes of two of the top athletic programs in the Atlantic 10 Conference. As the schools face off for the first time as conference opponents, the budding rivalry is set to take off as one of the best in the nation. In its inaugural year, The Revolutionary Rivalry is the year-long series between GW and Mason Athletics. The two departments have pledged to compete for the Tri-Corner Hat Trophy. Between GW's Colonial Army and Mason's Patriot Platoon, the rivalry's inaugural season in 2013-14 is primed to be one for the history books.

"Success in rivalries can shape a student-athlete's and fan's experience with their university, so we're excited to have this opportunity for a hard-fought, but friendly competition," said GW Director of Athletics and Recreation Patrick Nero. "We welcome George Mason to the Atlantic 10 and we'll look forward to seeing them in competition across many of our sports for years to come."

"The two universities have engaged in many great competitions on the playing field through the years, but now as we enter our inaugural season in the Atlantic 10, this has the potential to develop into a true rivalry," said Mason Director of Athletics Tom O'Connor. "We look forward to bestowing our Patriot pride through intense competition with the Colonials."

The Tri-Corner Hat Trophy will be awarded based on a point system with points given to the victor in each of the 16 A-10 sports in which the schools compete. In men's and women's soccer a point will be given to the head-to-head winner with GW and Mason splitting the point if the teams tie. In men's and women's basketball, men's and women's tennis, lacrosse and volleyball the head-to-head winner will be awarded a point in the Tri-Corner Hat Trophy standings. The series winner in baseball and softball will earn a point, while in men's and women's cross country, golf, women's rowing and men's and women's swimming, the university that finishes higher in the Atlantic 10 Championships will earn a point.

As the Founder's Feud continues, let the Revolutionary Rivalry begin.