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GW Alumni, Fans Mix and Mingle With Head Coach Mike Lonergan and Each Other at Pregame Events

Head Coach Mike Lonergan addressed more than 200 alumni at a pre-game reception at Seton Hall on Nov. 29.
Dec. 4, 2014 GW Alumni Pre-Game Events Photo Gallery

Bob Poogach graduated from the George Washington University in 1973. Thirteen years later in 1986, Mr. Poogach attained a law degree from GW. After coming to GW in the '60s, graduating in the '70s, earning a post grad degree in the '80s, enjoying a GW men's basketball Sweet Sixteen appearance in the '90s and relishing in a Top Ten ranking for the team in the '00s, this GW-lifer remains ubiquitous in his sixth decade of involvement with GW Athletics.

This coming Sunday, prior to the BB&T Classic at DC's Verizon Center when the GW men's basketball team will meet Charlotte, there will be Mr. Poogach, posted up in the Dewars Club on the second level of the arena at one of many GW alumni events that are planned annually around GW Athletics events.

"Pre-games are a great chance to interact with fellow Colonials fans - some old acquaintances, others total strangers," Poogach said.

Of the appearance and remarks made by Head Coach Mike Lonergan at every pregame reception prior to men's basketball games, Mr. Poogach is pleased with the insight and candor, noting that "pre-game scouting reports trend toward realistic assessments of the team and upcoming game, rather than simply canned rah-rah stuff."

GW basketball left the rah-rah stuff for the court at last year's BB&T, when the team sent the thousands of Buff and Blue clad supporters into euphoria with a buzzer-beating game winner to down Maryland, but to Poogach, a season ticket holder for longer than he can remember - "probably late '70s, early '80s" - efforts solely on the court aren't always enough when the lights come on.

"(We) can't expect all the lifting to be done by the athletes and the athletic department," he noted. "Sustained success in athletics requires support from the sidelines as well. Not going to win every game, but support for the athletes shouldn't waiver. Attendance at pre-game receptions reflects both an interest and commitment to the teams."

With at least 10 more pre-game receptions scheduled for the 2014-15 men's basketball season, GW fans' chances to see and hear Mike Lonergan, mix and mingle with other fans and catch-up with old classmates that they knew well or hardly knew, are plentiful.

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