Athletics News

Capital Projects & Endowments

To optimize current and future student-athletes' training and competitive environment, the Buff & Blue Fund will mobilize resources to renovate and build state-of-the-art facilities for each of our programs.

Additionally, in the current climate of Division I Athletics, our Coaches need top facilities to attract and retain the best and the brightest recruits in the country and internationally.

Currently, GW Athletics is focusing their facility projects in the following areas: 


Our largest current project is the transformation of Barcroft Park, located in Arlington County, Virginia, which has served as home of the GW Baseball team for the past 20 years.  Projected GW costs for the project are anticipated to be over $4 million.


The Charles E. Smith Center serves as the training grounds for all of our athletes in addition to providing a world class academic center furnished with study areas, tutors, advisers and technology to assist our students with resources to excel in the classroom. 

The recently completed renovation has established this first class arena as one of the best venues of its size in the country.

Continued funds will be raised to complete existing capital projects while pursuing future construction and renovation projects in Foggy Bottom and at the Mount Vernon Campus.


To ensure the ongoing success of the intercollegiate teams, the Buff & Blue Fund will seek new endowment funds.  Similar to endowed academic programs and department chairs, an endowment gift ($100,000 and above) pays tribute to an outstanding coach, alumnus, administrator, etc.  The gift lives on in perpetuity and will provide resources that are used for generations to come.

Whether it's a merit- or need-based scholarship fund to support promising student-athletes, a prestigious coaching position that attracts elite leaders or a program (i.e. Leadership Academy)- an endowment is timeless because the dollars are not "spent" like cash-reserve funds, nor is the original endowment fund value ever depleted. Instead, the investment income earned from an endowment advances the strategic vision of the donor.

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