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Unrestricted Gifts
Making a gift to the unrestricted Buff & Blue Fund allows the athletics department to provide support for all 23 varsity sports in the areas of greatest need. The Student-Athlete Leadership Academy, academic advising, sports medicine, international travel and other core services for student-athletes are all supported with an unrestricted gift to the Buff & Blue Fund.

Restricted Gifts
Donors may choose to designate their support to a particular varsity team or athletics department need. Restricted gifts are eligible for Buff & Blue Fund benefits provided the designation is within intercollegiate athletics.

Online Giving
To make a gift to athletics, go to

Monthly/Payroll Deductions
Setting up monthly deductions is a safe and easy way to give since your gift is automatically made through your credit/debit card. An annual gift of $100 is only $8.34 per month! Monthly deductions create a reliable resource that benefits our student-athletes immediately.


Monthly Deductions (12):

$8.34 x 12 months = $100

$20.84 x 12 months = $250

$41.67 x 12 months = $500

$83.34 x 12 months = $1000

$125 x 12 months = $1500

$250 x 12 months = $3000

$416.67 x 12 months = $5000

$833.34 x 12 months = $10,000

Check Gifts
Checks can be made payable to GW Athletics and may be made in full or in installments prior to June 30th of each calendar year to receive full Buff & Blue Fund donor benefits for that academic year.

Credit Cards
You may make a gift to GW Athletics using a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. Credit card gifts may be one-time gifts or a recurring monthly gift.

Matching Gifts
Many companies provide a matching gift program as a benefit to encourage their employees to make charitable donations.  Check here to see if your company will match your donation.  Upon making this donation, the company will "match" the employee's original gift; the amount or percentage matched varies per company. To determine if you are eligible to make a matching gift and to receive a matching gift form, check with your employer. Note: some companies prohibit matching gifts to Athletics, so please check your company's policy.

Stocks, Securities and Wire Transfers
A gift of stocks or securities to GW can be arranged via electronic transfer or by receipt of stock certificates. The gift provides a full income tax deduction, negates capital gains tax, and may also avoid estate taxes. The University's Development office would be happy to speak with you, your lawyer or tax adviser about the advantages of making a gift of appreciated assets such as stocks or bonds - or other giving opportunities.

Stocks and Securities Transfer Instructions

Wire Transfer Instructions

Planned Giving/Real Estate
Our donors, through arrangements that provide significant tax, income and estate planning benefits, at little or no out-of-pocket cost to you now, can make an enormous impact on the current and future student-athletes at GW.  Planned gifts can provide financial aid, resources to hire and retain elite coaches and provide state-of-the-art facilities far into the future.

Additionally, the George Washington University offers a unique way to give back to the university that you love.  From townhomes to farmland, many types of real estate assets can be donated to qualified charitable organizations including GW Athletics.  You'll be helping GW Athletes, enjoying tax benefits and potentially setting up a lifetime stream of income.

GW has one of the leading experts in Real Estate planned giving in donating a home or other piece of real estate eliminates the capital gains tax that would be owed if you were to sell it. 

Gifts may be mailed to:
Buff & Blue Fund - Office of Annual Giving
2100 M Street, NW Suite 310
Washington, DC 20052

Please contact the Buff & Blue Fund at (202) 994-8412
or make a gift online at
to support GW Athletics with gifts in a variety of ways!


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