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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

What is the GW SAAC?

The George Washington University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) works in conjunction with the Atlantic 10 Conference SAAC to improve the student-athlete experience by facilitating communication between student-athletes and the administration. This communication and interaction is key in shaping intercollegiate athletics policies throughout Division I which enhances student-athlete experiences.

SAAC also works to solicit student-athlete responses to NCAA proposed legislation as well as organizing community service opportunities, promoting competition, building a sense of community among student-athletes, and hosting activities. SAAC is comprised of at least one representatives from each of GW's 27 varsity teams who then elect an executive board. Members meet once a month with Department of Athletics Administrators and other campus constituencies in addition to meeting once or twice a month on their own to discuss ongoing projects and to explore new opportunities.

For additional information on the Conference SAAC please access the following websites:

Atlantic 10 Conference SAAC website click here.

SAAC Executive Board 2017-2018

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary A-10 Rep
Mark Osis Miranda DiBiasio Taylor Brimberg Cami Tapias Riley Tejcek
Baseball W. Cross Country/Track Sailing W. Basketball Softball

Community Service Community Service Public Relations Public Relations  Public Relations
Thor Arne Höfs Bob Hobert Rochelle Draper Connor James Alexis Lete
M. Soccer M. Rowing Softball M. Cross Country/Track Volleyball

At -Large Member At-Large Member At-Large Member
Noah Braun Suzanne Dannheim Jill Winstanley
M. Water Polo W. Cross Country/Track Gymnastics

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