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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

What is the GW SAAC?

The George Washington University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) works in conjunction with the Atlantic 10 Conference SAAC to improve the student-athlete experience by facilitating communication between student-athletes and the administration. This communication and interaction is key in shaping intercollegiate athletics policies throughout Division I which enhances student-athlete experiences.

SAAC also works to solicit student-athlete responses to NCAA proposed legislation as well as organizing community service opportunities, promoting competition, building a sense of community among student-athletes, and hosting activities. SAAC is comprised of at least one representatives from each of GW's 27 varsity teams who then elect an executive board. Members meet once a month with Department of Athletics Administrators and other campus constituencies in addition to meeting once or twice a month on their own to discuss ongoing projects and to explore new opportunities.

For additional information on the Conference SAAC please access the following websites:

Atlantic 10 Conference SAAC website click here.

SAAC Executive Board 2018-2019

President Vice President Secretary Fundraising A-10 Rep
Bob Hobert Suzanne Dannheim Jordan Young Engy Elmandouh Riley Tejcek
M. Rowing W. Cross Country/Track Volleyball W. Squash Softball

Community Service Community Service Public Relations Public Relations
John Knies Zach Slaughter Cydney Crasa Jason Re
M. Rowing M. Water Polo Gymnastics M. Soccer

At -Large Member At-Large Member At-Large Member A-10 Alternate
Isabel Meskers Katie Quinn Faith Weber Kelsey Clark
W. Rowing Lacrosse Softball Volleyball

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