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Rules for "Boosters/Representatives of Athletics Interest"

Compliance with NCAA and Atlantic 10 Conference rules is of utmost importance to The George Washington University. Under NCAA rules parents, alumni, and friends may be categorized as "boosters/representatives of athletics interests." This site is provided as a quick reference tool to the many NCAA Rules and Regulations that apply to "boosters/representatives of athletics interests."

GW is responsible for ensuring that members of the faculty and staff, coaches, student-athletes, alumni, donors, boosters and friends comply with all applicable NCAA rules. Please recognize that The George Washington University appreciates the interest and support of all its constituencies, but urges each of you to become familiar with the rules and regulations of the NCAA. By understanding these rules, you, as a supporter, can better assist GW Athletics in ensuring that our programs are maintaining the highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play.

Five Important Rules to Remember

1. Only coaches and athletics department staff members are permitted to be involved in the recruiting process. Alumni, friends and "other representatives of athletic interest" who are not employed by the University are not permitted to contact a prospect (or members of the prospects family) by letter, telephone or in-person (on or off campus) for the purpose of soliciting their participation in the athletics program. GW faculty members are permitted to have contact with the prospects, but only while on the campus.

2. A prospect remains a prospect even after he or she signs a Letter of Intent or financial aid agreement to attend the University. The prospect does not lose his/her prospect status until the start of classes (fall or spring semester) at GW or the beginning of an official team practice prior to the start of classes (e.g., preseason).

3. The prohibition of contact with a prospect is intended to relate to unavoidable incidental contacts with a prospect by representatives of athletic interest. It is understood that such a contact is not prearranged by the athletics representative or an athletics department staff member; is not made for the purpose of recruitment of the prospect; and involves only normal civility. For example, if you meet a high school student or junior college student-athlete, you can talk with them about anything except GW athletics. If you are attending a public function and find yourself talking to the parents of a prospect, you can talk about anything that doesn't relate to the GW athletics department.

4. If a student-athlete accepts any benefits or special consideration based on his or her status as an athlete or because of athletic skill, the student-athlete will lose all eligibility for intercollegiate athletic participation. Do not do anything for prospective or enrolled student-athletes without specific authorization from the GW athletics compliance office.

5. Representatives of athletics interest (boosters) are reminded that NCAA rules regarding enrolled student-athletes remain in effect throughout the entire year, including summer breaks. When student-athletes complete their final season of eligibility, they must abide by NCAA rules until the end of that academic year and/or until they are no longer receiving athletics financial aid.

PLEASE NOTE: The scope and complexity of NCAA legislation precludes complete coverage on this website. We suggest, therefore, that you forward additional questions to the Athletics Compliance Officer or Athletic Director.

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