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Rules for Current Student-Athletes

As a student-athlete at GW you are responsible to ensure you and your program are adhering to University and NCAA rules. Progress toward degree, playing and practice seasons, amateurism and your role in recruiting are just a few of the topics you need to be well versed in. This website has been set up to help educate you about these and other topics. Please note the scope and complexity of NCAA legislation precludes complete coverage on this website. We suggest, therefore, that you forward additional questions to the Compliance Officer or Athletic Director or go directly to the website link at the bottom of this page.

  • Agent Information Get Acrobat Reader
  • Amateurism Overview Get Acrobat Reader
  • As a parent of a student-athlete, what are the rules? Get Acrobat Reader
  • Contact with Boosters 
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Amateurism and Tryouts Get Acrobat Reader
  • Playing and Practice Season Rules (20 hours/8 hours) 
  • Professionalism and Agents Get Acrobat Reader
  • Progress Toward Degree Requirements 
  • Promotional Activities 
  • Seasons of Competition - Division I Get Acrobat Reader
  • Transfer Policy Get Acrobat Reader
  • What is an extra benefit? 
  • Your role in recruiting Get Acrobat Reader

    Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund


    Special Assistance Fund for Student-Athletes


  • 2018-19 Summary of NCAA Regulations Get Acrobat Reader
  • 2018-19 NCAA Banned Drug List Get Acrobat Reader
  • GW Athletics Department 2017-2018 Drug Education and Testing Policy and Program Get Acrobat Reader
  • End-of-Year Meeting 2018 Get Acrobat Reader
  • End-of-Year Meeting 2018 Power Point Presentation Get Acrobat Reader
  • Host Reminders for Official Visits Get Acrobat Reader
  • Host Reminders for UNOFFICIAL Visits Get Acrobat Reader
  • Outside Competition During the Academic Year Form Get Acrobat Reader
  • Promotional Activities Form 
  • Student-Athlete Fee for Lesson Employment Statement Get Acrobat Reader
  • Student-Athlete Fee for Lesson Payment Form Get Acrobat Reader [Note: you must receive approval for fee-for-lessons (see above form) before completing this form]
  • Prize Money Declaration Form - incoming student-athletes should contact the Athletics Compliance Office directly to discuss. Get Acrobat Reader
  • Team Transportation Release Get Acrobat Reader

    We also encourage you to review the following website for additional information:
    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)