On Campus

Compliance Documents

Amateurism (Bylaw 12)

GW Amateurism Questionnaire for International Students (required document) Get Acrobat Reader

Summer Prize Money Declaration Form (Individual Sports) Get Acrobat Reader

Promotional Activities Form 

Recruiting (Bylaw 13)

Coaches Complimentary Tickets List Get Acrobat Reader

Graduation Rates, GSR, APR, Initial Eligibility Standards and NCAA Banned Drug List Get Acrobat Reader

Local Sports Club Form Get Acrobat Reader

Transfer Release Request 

Unofficial Visit Complimentary Tickets List Get Acrobat Reader

Unofficial Visit Host Form (required for overnight visits) Get Acrobat Reader

Unofficial Visit Prospect Declaration Form (required for all overnight visits OR any visit which includes meals and/or transportation to an off-campus facility) Get Acrobat Reader

Camps/Clinics (Bylaw 13)

GW Camp/Clinic Approval Form

Authorization to Release Child Get Acrobat Reader

George Washington Medical Form 

GW Camp/Clinic Financial Report/Accounting Report (Excel)

Informed Consent Form for children 14 years or younger 

Informed Consent Form for children 15 years or older 

Informed Consent Form for Adults (18 years or older) 

Private Camp/Clinic Information Form Get Acrobat Reader

Camp Volunteers List Get Acrobat Reader

Camp Wage Employees - Manual Time Sheet Get Acrobat Reader

Financial Aid (Bylaw 15)

Voluntary Withdrawal and Cancellation of Athletics Grants-in-Aid Get Acrobat Reader
NLI/Athletics Aid Request Form Get Acrobat Reader

Awards and Benefits (Bylaw 16)

Apparel and Equipment Order Form
Apparel and Equipment Inventory Information Form
Players Ticket Pass List (all sports except basketball) Get Acrobat Reader
Gift In Kind Release Form Get Acrobat Reader

Playing and Practice Season (Bylaw 17)

Outside Competition During the Academic Year Form Get Acrobat Reader

Financial Management Office Forms

Bus Gratuity Receipt
Cash Advance Request Get Acrobat Reader
Deposits Form Get Acrobat Reader
Office Supplies/iBuy Order Form
Petty Cash Request Get Acrobat Reader
Travel Request Get Acrobat Reader (This form should be used for flight approval, hotel and bus contracts)
Lodging Request Form Get Acrobat Reader
Spouse/Family Travel Request Form Get Acrobat Reader (To be completed any time a family member is traveling with a team, regardless of whether or not GW is incurring any expenses, at least a week prior to the trip occurring)
Concur Expense Report Form Get Acrobat Reader(Must be attached to Concur reports ONLY when reports contain recruiting activity)
Traditional Expense Report Form Get Acrobat Reader (For reconciliation/reimbursement for NON-full-time staff)
Business Card Request Form Get Acrobat Reader
Procurement Request Form Get Acrobat Reader (This form should only be used when the quote for goods/services is over $3,000, or if the vendor does not accept payment by credit card.)