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Special Assistance Fund for Student-Athletes

The Special Assistance Fund assists student-athletes who are Pell eligible or are receiving an athletics award and have unmet financial need. The six types of expenses for which student-athletes may receive funding include:

    1. Cost of clothing, shoes, one trip home and other essential expenses (not entertainment) up to $500,
    2. Purchase of expendable academic course supplies (i.e., notebooks, pens) and cost of rental of nonexpendable supplies (e.g. computer equipment and cameras) that are required of all students enrolled in a class.
    3. Medical and dental costs not covered by another insurance program (e.g. premiums for optional medical insurance, hearing aid, vision therapy and off-campus psychological counseling).
    4. Costs associated with student-athlete or family emergencies.
    5. Hearing aids or vision therapy (e.g., contact lenses, eyeglasses).
    6. Off-campus psychological counseling.

Student-athletes receiving a Pell Grant will be notified by the Compliance Office when to apply for such funding however all other student-athletes should review the attached Department guidelines and speak with the Compliance Office directly if they feel they may be eligible for some funding.

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