Sailing Takes 12th at Coed Nationals

June 2, 2017


CHARLESTON, S.C. -- CHARLESTON, S.C. -- The GW sailing team capped its 2016-17 season in fine fashion on Friday with a program-best 12th place finish at the Gill Coed Nationals in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Colonials made a significant improvement on last year's 17th place finish at coed nationals behind the sailing of Brendan Shanahan, Andreea Ranney-Pace, Kai Friesecke and Miranda Bakos. That quartet led GW to a second place finish in the Eastern Semifinal before combining to take 12th in the Finals.

"Making the finals is really difficult, so to not only make it here but to sail competitively against the top teams in the country is really special and shows how hard the team worked all year," said head coach Billy Martin. "Having our best finish ever is really exciting for the program and for the student-athletes, and shows that our hard work is paying off."

Friesecke and Bakos helped pave the way with an eighth place showing in B Division, holding steady from Thursday. They fittingly ended the racing with a win in their final race of the day. Shanahan and Ranney-Pace, going against the best in the country in A Division, took 16th.

"In particular, Brendan and Andreea were absolute rock stars and did an outstanding job leading the team all season, battling the top two sailors from other teams," said Martin. "They didn't have their best result here but they fought for everything. We're going to miss Brendan and all he brought to the team, and we're excited to see what Andreea can do in the future.



"Kai and Miranda hadn't sailed together all that much; they're somewhat of a new team, but they're oozing with talent. It was good to see them progress throughout the event and I'm really excited to see how those two progress and can move into Brendan's shoes."

Friesecke and Shanahan both earned All-America honors as GW finished the season with a second top-15 national finish, having also taken 13th in the Sperry Women's Nationals.

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