Jan. 3, 2002

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January 3, 2002

GW 92 St. Bonaventure 86


[on starting conference play 1-0] "I've said all along--and I still believe this after we've played them--they're the best team in the league. They've played the toughest schedule out of everybody, they have two terrific players who can score. We got lucky that Vidal Massiah fouled out, that made the difference in the game down the stretch."

"It helps our confidence, and it will help us become a better basketball team. We have to learn from each game whether it's a win or a loss. We have to take care of the basketball down the stretch, and not foul when we have the ball--little mental mistakes and breakdowns. Otherwise, this is a terrific win for the players."

"The advantage we had in playing St. Bonaventure was that we have forwards that can guard their guys. We can match up with their shooters and their small guys. Tamal Forchion usually starts, tonight, we had to go with four perimeter players the whole game, and play Jaason [Smith] at the 5 exclusively. Then we put Al Roma in to have a big body there, when they penetrated, we wanted them to see a 7-foot frame there. So when we had Al in there, he gave us a lift, and Jason had a chance to get a breather."

[on defending JR Bremer and Marques Green] "To be successful tonight, we couldn 't allow those guys to get what they normally average. We made Bremer take difficult shots, but because he a good player, he made them. What makes him special is that he'll get you 28 points, but also 4, 5, 6 assists as well."

[on TJ Thompson] "Clearly, there was a stretch when he took over the game. He scored three times in a row, and took care of the ball in the 2nd half. He made plays where he needed to make them. I also thought this was his best effort defensively. In order to win games like this, it's the little things you have to do. Tonight, he had to play defense, and he did."



[on Jason Smith] "He played a terrific game. I said after the Charlotte game that we can't win without him. He just does so many things: he rebounds, he scores, and more imporantly, he blocks shots. He's always there, and his teammates really trust him. That means when they're guarding someone, they can put pressure on that person, knowing that if the man gets by them, Jaason Smith is there to hold the position."

[on Marquin Chandler's return] "He gave us another perimeter player that we needed. What was great about Marquin was that he couldn't become eligible at a more opportune time. We needed that other good perimeter player coming off the bench. When Chris Monroe got hurt, without Marquin, I'm not sure what we would've gone with. Trust me, you're going to see a terrific player in Marquin. He's a beautiful shooter, he's got great size, a nice athlete. Tonight, you just got a small sample of how good he can be."


[on having the best game of his GW career] "It's hard work. In the Charlotte game, I had early fouls and fouled out with only 19 minutes in the game. I was down all week. So the last couple of days, I practiced with a mindset that I have to help my team out any way possible. I had a good lift before the game, so I came out feeling good. And the game went my way."

[Did he feel he had to make up for his poor performance against Charlotte?] "Definitely. From a personal standpoint just because of my pride, and because the team needs me. They need me like I need them. I just tried to bring my energy and my leadership to the table today."

[on starting A-10 play 1-0] "It sends everyone a message. You can't sleep on us. Our team might not be the most athletic or the most talented. But I bet you we're going to work hard every minute that we're out there. There's no substittue for hard work, that's what we bring every day."


"Obviously, we didn't shoot the ball very well tonight. We've had some other games where we didn't shoot well, but got some good things on the boards. Tonight we didn't do many positive things. We had 11 more shots and didn't convert. It seemed like when we needed a big basket we couldn't get it, and when we needed a big defensive play, we couldn't get that either. I never felt like we had great rhythm at any time in the game."

"We had good shooters shoothing [3s], but nobody made them except Patricio [Prato] early. We had our chances, but I am surprised we didn't shoot it better than we did...It seemed like nothing worked that well."

"We were really focused in our shoot-around. Our guys were focused and ready to play, and then we came out tonight and didn't make our shots. I thought we approached what we had to do to be successful the last couple of days. But when it came down to executing on the court, we didn't play as well as we're capable of."

[on Jaason Smith] "It seemed like he came up with every big offensive rebound. He got some dunks--most of them were offensive rebounds that he dunked back in there. So there's no question that he was the key player on the team. He got all the rebounds when they needed them."