Jan. 6, 2002

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January 6, 2002

GW 74 Duquesne 50

Post-Game Comments

GW COACH KARL HOBBS [on the team's performance in the 2nd half compared to the 1st] "I'm going to take some of the blame because I wasn't feeling well before the game... I wasn't my usual firey self at the beginning of the game. As a result, we started the game off without any real emotion. I felt we played to their pace. They controlled the tempo of the game, and we came out trying to outscore them. I told the team that it was very important to start the 2nd half out with a great deal of emotion to the game. We needed to bring energy to the game. That was the difference, we stopped them, I believe, the first seven possessions they had."

[on the team's strong rebounding performance, especially offensively] "That made the difference. When we missed shots, Marquin did a fantastic job of keeping himself active and he continued to move. He got his hands on a lot of balls, maybe even a couple that he missed, I thought maybe he could have had. That gave us more opportunities to score."

[on the team's win despite a subpar performance by Chris Monroe] "That's very important because Chris is a terrific basketball player. He was somewhat hurt...he's still nursing the ankle from the St. Bonaventure game. If you're going to be a good basketball team, you must have individuals step up at various times during the course of the game. Chris didn't play well because of the ankle, but Darnell Miller stepped up, Collucci stepped up, and Marquin was just magnificent."

[on holding Duquesne to 50 points] "I was satisfied with the second half effort on defense, not the first half. The question was asked of Greg, 'Well, you didn't shoot the ball well against St. Bonaventure.' Well I know something he did well against them: he guarded people. So you can have a bad shooting day, and bad things can happen. But we can never have a bad effort day. If you look at today's game, we didn't shoot the ball particularly well. But we played defense, and that's what we have to do. That's the staple of our program, we try to play defense and we try to stop people as much as we can."



[on the next game against Dayton] "I don't have a lot of thoughts because we haven't started to prepare for them yet. I do know that they're very well-coached. When I was at Connecticut last year, they beat us over in Hawai'i. They run terrific offense...and I know they have a pretty good point guard. In this league, when you go on the road, you have to be prepared for a war. It's as simple as that. if we do not bring our A game, if we do not play terrific defense, we will have a headache."

[on the benefit of playing the first two A-10 games at home] "I wish we could play all of them at home...We're fortunate because we're a young team, and we lack some experience. We caught a tremendous break to play our first two games at home. And then we were really lucky to beat St. Bonaventure, and then we played hard today. I really think we caught a break by having our first two league games at home."

[on why Tamal Forchion has not played much in the last two games] "It's more of a match-up thing. When you watch us play, the one thing you'll find out about us is that we take advantage of other team's weaknesses. We have to attack in the areas we think are strong...Against St. Bonaventure, we played Jaason [Smith] and Albert [Roma] because we felt that was the combination that would help us win the game. The best part about how we play is that we're able to make different adjustments, we're able to put a big line-up in or a small line-up in. There are situations where we are going to want Marquin to shoot it from the outside...and there may be times when we want him to shoot it from the inside. It's more of a situation thing as far as Tamal goes."

[on giving the walk-ons an opportunity to play] "Anytime you can play guys, especially the walk-ons, you feel great about that. Those guys work so hard. The value of those guys is incredible. Without them, we don't beat St. Bonaventure. It's very difficult to simulate St. Bonaventure's pressure and their traps. It's very difficult to simulate the offense that Duquesne runs. They do all of that. Every day in practice, they're a different team. They bring the level of intensity to our practice and they keep it up every day....Ask Chris Monroe or TJ how hard Lewie Helton guards him in practice. As a result, we become a better offensive team because of those guys."

GW G GREG COLLUCCI [on shooting better in this game than against St. Bonaventure] "As a shooter, you live on rhythm. Sometimes it just goes bad and you don't know why. You have to fight through it, just like a baseball player who goes into a slump and doesn't know why. I was just trying to make shots. I try to take good ones, and the more good ones I take, the more chance they have of going in."

DUQUESNE COACH DANNY NEE "GW did a great job in the second half on the offensive glass. They just dominated us... Anytime you get that penetration in the zone and in the man-to-man, that really hurt us. And then they were dominating with their rebounds, getting second and third shots. I was just disappointed we couldn't play better in the second half."

"[Greg] Collucci kept them in the game in the first half when there was an opportunity to make it a game or at least be competitive. In the second half, George Washington did the things they had to do to win the game, and that was offensive rebounding."

"There was a real opportunity early in the game for us if we could make some shots or make some plays. I felt we had a chance, but eventually they're going to make some shots--[Chris] Monroe or Collucci were going to make some shots. And then their dominance on the rebounding was just tremendous."

"With they're great shooters and playing at home, they're going to get in their rhythm. Collucci got into a rhythm, but no one else really did...but in the second half, they got in a little bit of rhythm, and they started getting second shots. Once you have a 6-, 8-, 10-point lead and you get the second shots, I think there's a totally different game than when you're behind and you have to make a shot. They got very loose and very competent as the game went on because they started getting the second shots and a dunk here and there. That energized them, and it was over quick."

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