Jan. 7, 2004

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January 7, 2004

GW 78
Temple 60

Postgame quotes

Temple Coach John Chaney
On Temple's poor 2nd half defense
"We've got players who feed off of scoring, unlike Temple teams [of the past]. You have guys with the ball going for the basket without any other answers. They don't realize that defense is what has always made us a great team."

On being outrebounded by GW 43-27
"You have to say to yourself, 'this is guard-oriented.' So we put Tyreek [Byard] in; he played well against Indiana. But he doesn't play defense; he's running around playing the guy with his hands. So you go back and they electrocute us again, with penetration and kickouts, all because they're penetrating through Tyreek."

Did you see the 2nd half coming after the first half?
"Yes, because we couldn't put David [Hawkins] in every place. We had him up at the top, where he was picking off the passes like crazy. But David gets tired of playing defense, and then he have to turn to him to shoot the ball every time to down the floor. You start to call out special patterns to free up the guy who's your shooter, and he just loses his arms and his legs because he's busy playing too much defense."

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
on GW's improved 2nd half performance
"Our problems [in past games] have come from our defense. I think St. Joe's shot 64 percent, and Texas shot 57 percent. If we could've strung together some stops--maybe 2 or 3 stops in a row--that could have made the difference in the game....That's been the area that has hurt us the most."

"Tonight's game was about defense--about us containing Daving Hawkins in the 2nd half. Of course, the fouls helped us tremendously. But we didn't allow any of their other guys to get 20. Look at the games we lost, there's always a guy who doesn't score much, but gets 20 against us. So the main focus for us is to improve defensively."



"Tonight, Temple shot 36 percent for the game. That's the lowest we've kept anybody all year. I'm just hoping we can maintain that level of intensity. That's going to be key for us."

on the relatively low number of turnovers
"11 turnovers for us is fantastic, because we average 18. That was a key for us--to take care of the ball. It allowed us to get shots at the basket, and get offensive rebounds. So I was very happy with that."

GW senior guard Greg Collucci
on finally beating Temple
"It's different. What's it been, seven years? It feels good. We've always had chances to beat them too. We were finally able to close the game out."

Did Coach Hobbs specify how many 3s to take?
"No, he was more focused on the kind of 3s we took. TJ did a good job on getting kickouts. We tried to take an extra pass here and there, and every time we did, we made a 3....Against that team, you have to make 3s to win the game."

GW junior guard T.J. Thompson
Was penetration a focus in the 2nd half?
"We pretty much stressed that all week--ways to try to beat the zone and penetrate, and to kick out the open shots. So it wasn't just the 2nd half."

Was it more important to beat Temple or just get a win?
"I think it was to win period....We've been on a slump and lost 4 striaght. It was more important to get this win and break the ice, and get our momentum back.

GW soph. forward Mike Hall
Why was the 2nd half offense better?
"We were just taking what the defense was giving us. We had more open looks in the middle. When they packed the middle, we just faded out to the wings and found the open shots. T.J. penetrated and did a nice job finding us. When we had an open shot, we just tried to knock it down."

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