Jan. 7, 2007

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January 6, 2007

Marshall 65 @ GW 74

Postgame comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs

On the difference in GW's defensive intensity in the first and second halves:

"In the first half, we didn't play with poise in addition to the lack of intensity. In the second half, we raised our level of intensity. We started to play with a real sense of urgency. We relaxed and started to play with confidence, which to me is what made the difference in the second half."

On the leadership of Carl Elliott and Maureece Rice in spearheading the comeback, given the inexperienced frontcourt players.

"In the second half, those two guys settled down. They started to focus more. But collectively as a team, we really rallied together, particularly Rob Diggs and Dokun Akingbade. We look at them as a combination, and they're playing terrific basketball. But the guy who had the biggest impact on the game tonight without even scoring a field goal was Cheyenne Moore. He really came in and accelerated us, he allowed some guys to get some rest that they needed, he got some key rebounds, and he made the free throws down the stretch."

What is it about Marshall that brings out the comeback nature in GW?

"It's a funny thing. The first game I coached at GW was against Marshall, and we were down 19 in that game at halftime, came back, and won. Now this game is number 101 [Hobbs career wins at GW] and we're down 21. I can't explain it, but I can say that I am not in any hurry to schedule Marshall again anytime soon [laughs]."

How did you shut down Marshall's 3-point shooting?



"They make 6 to 7 threes a game. We just needed to play with more energy. The 3s didn't concern me because that's the number they make. We just needed to rebound, and that's what we told the guys at halftime. Marshall got what they average [in the first half], and our guys need to contest and be in position to rebound when they miss."

What did your team show you tonight?

"I felt that it showed that we're not ready for the intensity that it was going to take to win at the start of the game. You have one team playing at a high level with a sense of purpose, and you had another team that was playing this like a regular game. We picked up our intensity and that made the difference."

How important is it for your perimeter players to get involved?

"Carl and Maureece have to carry us. They have to do a little bit of everything. I look at their numbers across the board; not just points, but what are their rebounds, assists, and steals. They have to really fill up that stat sheet and have an impact on the game in various ways. I thought they did a tremendous job in the second half."

Are you trying to get Maureece Rice more touches in games?

"The one thing we never worry about is getting Maureece touches. That's not a concern for us. That's a compliment to Maureece. He has a knack for getting to his offense. He knows when to seize the moment, when it's a big play and a big shot needs to be made."

GW junior G Maureece Rice

What did you all talk about in the locker room at halftime?

"We just knew that we had to pick it up and get our game together. We weren't communicating and things weren't flowing like they usually do. At halftime, we got in the huddle and talked about what we needed to do--pick up our intensity like coach said. And we came out in the second half and played way better than we did in the first half."

Marshall Coach Ron Jirsa

On the difference in Marshall's play in the first and second halves.

"[At the start of the second half], we took a couple of quick shots trying to be aggressive. There's a difference between being aggressive and being smart with the ball. They were able to run it back at us. Once we settled back down, we got some opportunities at the basket and did not convert. "I give [GW] a lot of credit. It looked to me like they scrapped all their tricks and just went to playing and did a good job in the second half."

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