Jan. 10, 2007

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Jan. 10, 2007

George Washington Head Coach Karl Hobbs:

On the play of UMass:

"The difference in the game was that they had a 5th year guy, [Rashaun] Freeman, and a 4th year guy, [Stephane] Lasme, and when you look at the stats I think the veterans took over the basketball game. That's what veterans do. They took advantage of a guy, [Dokun Akingbade] that has never played significant minutes."

On the Stephane Lasme and Rashaun Freeman:

"I take my hat off to UMass. They had veteran guys that played like veteran guys do. Whenever the game was on the line, the two big guys [Rashaun Freeman and Stephane Lasme] made the plays and they converted and scored."

"[Stephane Lasme] took away so many layups and that's what makes him a terrific player in this league. He changes games defensively alone. If we get ten layups, normally we'll convert about six of them. With him playing, we'll convert about two and that's a different of eight to ten points."

UMass Head Coach Travis Ford:

On the play of George Washington:

"As I've said all week, George Washington is going to win ten or eleven games in this league. They are a very good basketball team. They play, they have a high talent level and Karl Hobbs is a very good coach and I'm just excited we won against a very good team. I'm excited the way our team played today."

On the play at the Mullins Center:

"I've been concerned with the focus we've put on playing on the road that sometimes we forget you have to hold down the fort."

On the UMass turnovers:

"The turnovers, 22, weren't bad turnovers because most of the turnovers were good turnovers. Most of the turnovers were like walks. At least the ball was dead so they couldn't go the other way against us. Bad turnovers are when they can run to the other end and shoot layups and we had a couple of those but most of them were good. I don't think the turnovers have hurt us as much as they could have."



On the play of Stephane Lasme:

"The biggest challenge for Stephane Lasme is consistency. His mentally getting ready for every game. He and I are very close and I told him sometimes I think I want more for him than he does and I know his capabilities and his whole career he's kind of taken this step back approach. It's good to have two bookends [with Freeman and Lasme]. What's amazing is that there playing like this and everyone knows it but they're still finding ways to score."

UMass Forward Rashaun Freeman:

On the play of George Washington:

"We knew no matter how big of a lead we had that they were the type of team to come back at any time. We were fully aware of what they were capable of. When they went on that spurt and were only down one, we knew what kind of game it would be and they didn't sneak up on us."

On the significance of the win for UMass:

"The type of team we have, we're going to win a lot of games and this type of game gives us confidence going into the Atlantic 10 schedule because I think the whole rest of the A10 was looking at this game to see who would win it. [George Washington] has held down this league for a few years now so this was a quality win."

On the play of the UMass team:

"Me and Stephane played well but we have to play this well for our team to be afloat. But when Gary and Tiki and everybody start to bring their games up and play well, then we're going to be the team that everyone thinks we can be."

UMass Forward Stephane Lasme:

On his play:

"I'm happy with the way I played. I've just tried to focus on not getting stupid fouls and turnovers. I'm proud of the way I played. Coach Ford has given me a lot of confidence in my game and I'm just happy with where I'm at and that I can help the team win a couple games."

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