Jan. 12, 2006

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NCAA MEN'S BASKETBALL January 11, 2006

Saint Louis 64 @ GW 69

Postgame quotes

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
Why do you seem to struggle on offense?
"This early in the season, every game is going to be like this. This is league play. Look around the league and you'll see a lot of close games, and we're no exception to that. People are starting to read the clips and get the wrong impression about us. People are overassessing who we are at this point...Every game is going to be like this when you get to league play."

To what to you attribute the slow starts this season?
"The timing of the game was different because there was a game before, and we couldn't follow our normal routine. That disrupted us mentally a little bit, but you have to credit Saint Louis--they will do that to you. That's how they play. They make you play at their pace. They force you to have to beat them from the perimeter. They did a good job of that. We had only 23 points at halftime, but trust me, I was happy with their 25."

What are your thoughts on Saint Joseph's coming here Saturday.
"They have the benefit of great success because they've done it before. It's nothing foreign to them and they know what it takes to repeat it. We're still trying to get to that point. Saint Joe's will be difficult...they are a very capable team and we'll have to play our best to beat them, just as we'll have to play our best to beat everybody in the league."

GW junior G Danilo Pinnock
What inspired you toward the end of the game?
"We been on the other side of those games where it's close, but we just can't pull it out. We're a little more mature now and better able to handle that. The game that all of us will remember is Fairfield our freshman year when we were up, and gave it away at the end. As long as we keep that game in our minds, we'll be fine in these situations."

On Maureece Rice taking his role as sixth man:
"We talked about it at the beginning of the year. That's an award that we want to keep at GW for awhile. If you can have 5 good guys on the floor, then bring another guy off the bench who can bring energy and get the job done, that's nothing but success. So when we're [alumni] and come back here to cheer on GW, we want that award to still be here."



SLU Coach Brad Soderberg
Opening statement
"I want to congratulate GW because they had every reason to lose tonight, and they found a way to win. That's a sign of a good team."

This looked like another opportunity for a breakthrough win. What happened in the last two minutes?
"This may sound strange, but we didn't play good basketball tonight. The outside observer may think we played well against a top-ranked team on the road. But we turned it over 20 times, we were not able to keep people off the glass when it mattered, and we shot like a junior high team from the free-throw line. And a lot of those were front ends of bonuses. That's bad basketball."

"We lack mental toughness. We're playing a tough team, a veteran squad, in a tough arena on the road...the first road game in the A-10. So what? You can still block out. You can still get to the line and make some free throws. You can still take care of the basketball."

You slowed them down tonight; they average 80 points a game and didn't reach it.
"That wasn't our goal necessarily. We were trying to get good shots, and they play such good defense that sometimes you have to wait to get that good shot. I think our defense bothered them a little bit at least. They weren't getting as good shots as I saw on tape."

Saint Louis junior F/C Ian Vouyoukas
You've played a lot of top rank teams close this season. What happened tonight?
"We played with them really well [but] we were on the road, we didn't make free throws, and it just got away from us. This was more frustrating because we had the lead, but gave it up."

Was the pounding you got tonight comparable to other games?
"Pops is a very good player, very physical. It took a toll on me because they would sub out and I would have to chase other players. I'll be hurting tomorrow."

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