Jan. 13, 2002

Recap?|? Box Score

GW 75 La Salle 72

Post-Game Comments

La Salle Coach Billy Hahn

"I told the team that in this game of basketball, the ball bounces some crazy ways sometimes. It doesn't always seem fair when you work that hard and come up short, but that's how it worked today...I have to make my team believe that it's worth working that hard and that they'll be rewarded sometime. When that sometime is, I don't know."

"That was a game today of two teams that battled for 40 minutes. Karl Hobbs has his team playing extremely well and really hard. And I think our team is playing really hard too. That's what you had today--two teams that really wanted to win bad. One has to win, one has to lose, and we came up a little bit short. We'll go back to work and see if we can win some of them in the end."

[on attempting to tie the game with a 3 at the buzzer] "I think [Julian Blanks ] had a great look for just 2 seconds on the clock. I felt they would think we were probably going to Rasual [Butler], everybody in the house would probably think that. So we tried to decoy a little bit, he got a great look and we got the ball to a guy who shot pretty well today. I was pretty happy with the way that play was executed at the end.

[on Chris Monroe] "[after the game, ] I told Chris I appreciate the way he plays. He plays hard. He has a great passion for the game of basketball. You gotta appreciate guys who have passion for the game....To see players who play with a lot of passion and love it, I get excited...he should be complimented on how hard he plays."


"We were very fortunate to win. It was two fairly evenly matched teams. Both teams played with a sense of desperation and urgency. We were very fortunate to win at the end."

"The difference came down to the last two possessions. We played pretty good defense and forced Rasual Butler to have to take a very difficult shot. We were able to rebound down the stretch and keep them off the offensive boards."



"The crowd was terrific. At times when they mad their runs, the crowd with their enthusiasm and noise energized us a little bit."

"La Salle started the game off a little slow. As the game went on in the first half, they picked up their level of intensity on the defensive end and took us out of everything we tried to run offensively. We were very fortunate to get some baskets in transition."

[on outrebounding the opponent at home again] "I'm not sure why that is. I think we play a lot more aggressive at home, and play all around better at home. I'm sure if you look at our numbers, they're higher in every category at home."

[on Greg Collucci's minimal performance] "Yesterday in practice, he took a jump shot in the corner and hurt his ankle. We weren't even sure if he'd be able to play at all today. He got treatment all last night...Fortunately for us, Marquin [Chandler] was able to step up and fill the void."

[on Jaason Smith's perseverence in the latter stages of the game] "I think that says a lot about his character. He has a tremendous will to win. At the end, he was going to do whatever it took to help us win the game. The last rebound he got--the one where there was a travel called on the play--that was as big a rebound as I've ever seen. I don't know where he came from. All I know is he was going to get that rebound no matter what. If there was a Mack truck out there, he was going to get that rebound."

[on Marquin Chandler] "He adds another terrific offensive player. He adds more size and versatility to our offense. More importantly, he gives us another rebounder particularly at the offensive end. Today, he was tremendous. He was poised and under control, I thought he took the right shots he was supposed to take. He even played defense tonight...how about that!"

[on the importance of the win going into Xavier and Saint Joe's] "For us, every game is major. We don't have a lot of room for error. We have to try to win as many games as possible. If we have to win them ugly, I'll take them. This game gives us a tremendous boost because it gives us the opportunity to go into Thursday night's game feeling better about ourselves...I don't think we lost our confidence at Dayton. We did some things that were uncharacteristic of our basketball team...We reverted back to our first two games. This team is mature, and this Thursday will tell us a lot of things about how far this team has come along. Xavier's a good enough team that we can bring our A game and still lose."

"All you need to know about Xavier is one thing: they went to Dayton and beat them."

GW F MARQUIN CHANDLER "After the Dayton game, I had a little talk with my coach. I was pretty upset because I don't like to lose. I worked a little bit extra, then went out there today with confidence."

"I feel a little bit fresher [than the rest of the team], but I'm not in my rhythm yet. They're 11 games up on me. I just have to work hard and go to the boards because I like rebounding."

[on what will happen when he does get into his rhythm] "You'll see more solid games. I try to live on the boards because I like rebounding. When you rebound, it opens up the game more. You gain confidence and it adds another level to your game. Your shot will come around, you shoot it, it will come."

[on the effects of the Dayton loss on the team] "I feel like we got kind of comfortable, so we have to break out of that. You can't get comfortable playing such good teams in our league....We didn't run our plays the way we should have. They made their shots and we tried to match them, and that's not GW basketball. We play better when we all play together. There are five guys on the floor plus your bench, and you need everybody to play...We all talked and got back to our gameplan, and stayed solid. And we won a good game against a good team."

[on the upcoming Xavier game] "Xavier is a good team and David West is a great player. They like scrapping, and all five of their players hustle when they're on the court, they all go to the glass. This will be a good game for us. We hope to be the victorious ones."