Jan. 16, 2006

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January 16, 2006

Stony Brook 60
@ GW 88

Post-game comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
How difficult was it to coach against someone you're very close to?
"I was very nervous before the game just because Steve recruited the majority of our guys, he knows their tendencies and weaknesses, he knows my tendencies as a coach. I kept thinking he was going to trip us up, and was worried about what he was going to do."

"I was concerned that they were going to play harder than us, and that was one of our keys to the game. The talent level was the difference. I wanted this game to come down to us playing just as hard as them. And there were several possessions in the first half where I felt they outworked us."

What aspects do you need to improve on before you head for Charlotte this weekend?
"We need to work on our decision-making down the stretch of games. At times we tend to lose focus. We had an opportunity to put away the game against St. Joe's, but Carl spun the wrong way and committed a charge. It's those kinds of things. And going on the road, our focus and concentration need to be at their best."

With the non-conference schedule over, have you learned what you wanted?
"I think so. I'm focusing on the process; the results will take care of themselves. The process is doing the things that will make us a good basketball team--playing good defense, always being in help position, rebounding, fast break, and making good decisions in our transition game. And just sharing the game. I think we're doing that. We'll let the fans worry about the record; we're focused on the process."

This is the second [straight] game you've jumped out to a big lead.
"It's encouraging, because we weren't able to do that against Marshall or Saint Louis. I think our offense is starting to come together. Not to take anything away from Saint Louis, but I was nervous when we had trouble with them in our own building. I'm very pleased that we could get off to a good start and put some points on the board."



Stony Brook Coach Steve Pikiell
Opening statement
"It's great to be back here in DC, and with all the great people at GW. As you could tell, it was a difficult game, and we had only one day to prepare. I wish we'd had two weeks...I give Karl a lot of credit. He's built this program from scratch; I was here on day one with him. And boy are they good. They're deep, they're athletic, they play hard. He's done a terrific job...We're trying to make Stony Brook basketball look a little like GW."

Did it seem strange to be playing against a program you helped build?
"I was very happy to be by Karl's side for four years. I'm as proud of the guys in that program as I am of the guys in our program. I've seen Mike Hall and Carl Elliott get better. When I was watching film of them, I just smiled. They're a good basketball team. They're deep, they pass the ball so well together. Tonight, I thought our one advantage would be that they'd struggle to shoot the ball a little bit. Obviously, that wasn't the case."

"We have a lot of walk-ons and freshmen playing a lot of minutes. And we're playing the 16th toughest schedule in the country. With BC coming up, we've played four ranked teams...we play a lot of road games. But I expect these games to help us when we play our America East games, and for our recruiting."

What's it like to play Coach [Jim Calhoun of UConn] and Coach Hobbs?
"It's very difficult. But when the ball goes up, you just coach your team. But they're both terrific coaches. One's in the Hall of Fame, and Karl's the best. He's a good friend, and I know I can call on him for anything... I don't like playing friends, but it's been good for our program. Playing ranked teams has given us some notoriety and helped us get some early commitments."

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