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Jan. 17, 2002

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Xavier 71 GW 63

Post-Game Comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs "Xavier is a very experienced, very physical team. We knew we couldn't just come out and play them straight up man-to-man...The difference in the game was allowing them to start the game 10-0. From that point on, it changed our whole gameplan....They are physical at every position, they have terrific players in every position...They showed more experience, particularly down the stretch. When they had to make a big play, they took their time and made the big play. When we needed a big play, we did things that young basketball teams do."

[on the team's poor shooting performance] "You have to give credit where credit's due. We were defended, there were guys out there guarding us. There's a reason why TJ Thompson went 0 for 8. If you look at my guards outside Chris Monroe, 1 for 20...their defense had a lot to do with it."

"You have a lot of guys playing in situations they've never been in before. They're playing in games that matter. What our future will be is that the games will become a little tighter, the possessions will become more important. That youth and inexperience is coming out of us, but we need to find some balance between the two."

[on the technical foul] "The technical was more of my youth as a coach. I'm learning too. I'm learning how to settle myself down. I got the technical because I was on the floor...I apologized and agreed that I have to get more control of myself on the sidelines. But that's part of my youth and learning how to handle myself in those situations."

"I'm very proud of my team because we didn't have a bad effort night. In the game of basketball, there's going to be nights when you can't make your shots, there's going to be nights when the ball doesn't go in, there's going to be nights when you dribble off your foot. But you can't have a bad-effort night. You ask if I'm disappointed that the guys didn't make shots. That happens in the game of basketball."



[on the difficult upcoming schedule] "It's going to be a bear...Every game that we're going to play, there's a strong possibility that we're going to have to overachieve, like we've been doing already. I just don't want anyone to lose faith in the reality of what we are as a basketball team. We're just trying to find a way to win one game at a time."

Xavier Coach Thad Matta "I've been very impressed watching what George Washington has done this year. When you go against a great player like Chris Monroe, it's hard to have answers for him...I'm very proud of the way we finished the game. There were chances even in the first half that we could have let our guard down...This team was able to fight through it and we beat a very good basketball team tonight on the road. It's a good win for Xavier."

G Lionel Chalmers [on the high number of turnovers] "That's a credit to GW's defense. They switched up defenses on us like crazy. There were a couple of situations where we saw passes or were in the wrong places and they took advantage of that."

F Kevin Frey [on playing in Smith Center] "It's one of the toughest places in the Atlantic 10. The fans are on you from the minute you walk out on the floor. We fought through it tonight and showed that we can win in a tough environment....And I did think about that Shawnta Rogers shot earlier in the day during the shoot-around."

[on Chris Monroe] "I don't know how many points he had at halftime [7], but later on I look up at the scoreboard and he has 25. They're knocking on the door. He took it over in the second half, I have to give him credit. Without him on the floor playing the way he was...he gave them a shot tonight to win the game."

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