Jan. 18, 2007

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George Washington Post-Game Quotes

GW Head Coach Karl Hobbs

On senior F Dokun Akingbade:

"I'll tell you in the second half I feel that he played magnificent, I challenged him at halftime and `told him, big fella you gotta step up'...I think the biggest thing he did was when he took a charge and that was the difference in the game. If he's not there taking that charge we aren't sitting here with a win"

On defensive pressure:

"I thought that was another aspect of the game that really turned it around for us. I thought in the second half they were really executing, I think at one point they might have been-- shooting 60%, the only thing that was keeping us in the game was that we were turning them over, getting some steals and converting some baskets.

On junior G Maureece Rice:

"Maureece Rice made a big shot in the second half and that got us over the hump. As most of you know he is struggling with a little bit of the flu and hasn't really practiced in the past two days...That was a really big shot for him.

On Richmond's type of game:

"What we didn't want to do was fall behind by 10 or 12 points because the way they play - and I have got to give them just all the credit in the world. I think coach has got those young guys really understanding his system and I thought they executed very well. "Absolutely, I can't remember--it hasn't been that long, but every game down here has been this type of ball game- - I think it's going to continue that way. The one thing I will say is a year from now or two years from now, I don't want to play them at all, I hope they get out of the league, I think that they are going to be a very good team, one of the better teams in this league. They have all the ingredients to really be terrific, the only thing they are missing right now is experience and that is going to take some time.



GW junior G Maureece Rice

On being ill:

"I'm just going to keep practicing and sweating it out. I'm tired physically, my body is just tired."

GW senior F Dokun Akingbade

On taking the charge:

"I knew I couldn't block the shot so I just tried to step in as fast as I could and luckily the ref called it for us."

On playing on the road:

"No it's not any added pressure, my goal is to do whatever I can to help our team win and that's what I did tonight."

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