Postgame Comments: GW vs. St. Bonaventure

Jan. 22, 2011

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January 21, 2011

St. Bonaventure 62
@ GW 49

Postgame comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs

What did St. Bonaventure do to add to your offensive struggles?

"I'm not sure it was anything they did in particular. We were playing like there was a lid on the basket. We got fouled on the line or were driving to the basket--it was a struggle through the entire game. I thought we'd make some second shots, but for whatever reason, we couldn't make a shot. I have to give their defense some credit because of that."

Would it have helped if you could have made some baskets on consecutive trips down the floor?

"That hurt us early because Joe [Katuka] was ready to get off to a good start. Most games, we try to establish our inside game and get a few easy baskets. Once Joe went out, at that point it was just a real struggle for us...It was a game that got out of control early, and we spent the whole second half playing catch-up. We needed some more speed and create some turnovers."

Did their defense hurt your 3-point shooting?

"We're not a good 3-point shooting team anyway, so I'm not sure if it was them or us. Once again, looking at the stats, you have to give them credit."

What has caused the team to struggle in the second half?

"I really wish I knew the answer to that question, because that's what we're trying to solve. We need to find a way to put some points on the board. It's no secret--if Tony is shooting the ball well, we play a lot better."

Early in the game, you were getting only one shot and GW was getting several chances. Then it flipped. What changed to cause that?

"That was a major difference in the game. This was the first game where we got outrebounded badly. A lot of their rebounds were finishes. We couldn't keep them off the offensive glass."

How important is it to have Jabari Edwards back?



"It's great to have another body out there. I thought he had a terrific block where he took a play away. And as he gets back into shape, he's going to be able to take away two or three shots, and that could be the difference in a game. I'm really hoping he'll help us in that area."

How do you fix the problem with scoring?

"We went through this kind of slump early in the season, and we came out of it. Now it looks like we may be back in it, I don't know. We've just got to get back to fundamentals--run guys off screens, get shots up, and do a better job of screening to get guys open and get cleaner looks. Hopefully, that will fix our shooting woes."

GW Sophomore F Dwayne Smith

Are you guys feeling pressure being unable to score?

"A little bit, but we're basically trying to ignore that and get over the hump, stay together, and come back strong."

GW Sophomore F David Pellom

When everybody is struggling, what are the guys telling each other?

"We basically tell each other to shake it off and stay together as a team, and keep working hard."

St. Bonaventure Coach Mark Schmidt

Opening statement

"In the Atlantic 10, like any conference, you win games by defense and rebounding. That's what we did today. We did a tremendous job of keeping [Tony] Taylor in front of us; that was a huge key for us. And keeping the ball out of the paint, and making sure that we did a decent job of rebounding. Matthew Wright was terrific. He was a big lift in the first half...He's a freshman, but he's learning how to play with more confidence in his game. Our bench's numbers weren't that great, but they defended and rebounded and brought something to the game that we needed...But the biggest thing today was finishing, and I think our guys did a great job of finishing."

What were you able to do defensively when the fouls turned against you?

"We play a pack-line defense, trying to get into the gaps and limit penetration. And GW is a team that likes to attack the basket. It's similar to a zone--trying to keep them out of the paint. Early on, they got some dribble penetration and we got out of position; that led to some of the fouling. I think the referees changed a little bit as the game went on. They let us play a little bit more. In the beginning, it was called pretty close."

Were you nervous when GW cut the lead to 9 with 7 minutes to go?

"I was nervous in the last 7 seconds of the game. You're always concerned. We have a very inexperienced team. And especially on the road, you never know when the momentum is going to change. So when they cut it to nine, I thought our guys handled the adversity and found a way."

On the bench players keeping their composure despite the crowd. "Yeah, they played tremendous in a hostile environment. For young guys to come in and give us a lift is good for us as a team and for us individually."

Early in the game, you were getting only one shot and GW was getting several chances. Then it flipped. What changed to cause that?

"You just keep on going and sometimes you get lucky. If you go, you have a chance. It was important for us to just compete with GW. To beat them by 11 says a lot about our guys."

On the strong support by St. Bonaventure fans for a road game?

"That's Bonaventure. They bleed brown and white. The alumni and their love of basketball is one of the things that brought me there. It's unique. People outside of western New York don't really know what it's all about. It's like a cult, in a positive way."

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