Jan. 24, 2007

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Post Game Quotes
January 24, 2007

George Washington - 74
Saint Joseph's - 65

Saint Joseph's Coach Phil Martelli

On the Key to the game:

"The key number for us coming in was going to be turnovers. I told the team at halftime that only by act of God were we up four. The key to me was that if we had 10 turnovers we would win the game. That 13 in the first half and seven in the second half, four of them in the last six minutes to be honest with you, that's a shame. That we could not execute better than that."

"The way they attack the basketball, it leads to layups and a high percentage shooting, can't guard against breakdowns."

"With this team it's minute by minute, day by day. That's not counting the 50-50 balls that we don't get...to their credit."

"We made shots and had good ball movement, didn't let the atmosphere get to them early. Anything looks good when you make shots. You can run anything - the picket fence - if you make shots. What you need is solid basketball, 20 turnovers is not that."

About the atmosphere in the Smith Center

"I always think that it's a great building because the noise is on top of you. I give a lot of credit for the atmosphere to Karl [Hobbs] because he has recruited the types of players that people like to see, he really recruits to his system, which is an amazing thing to do - it's hard to do. Because they play with that flurry, they play with that swagger, because there are going to be some unbelievable dunks, there's going to be some blocked shots, I think that encourages the atmosphere to be a good one. These are the places you want to go and as a road team you want to play for silence. We weren't strong enough mentally to do that. It's a good combination, building-wise and the way that they play excites people."

"I think the idea of winning big on the road in that atmosphere, at a certain point you should never play the score you should play the game. There was a point where we started to play the score."



On Carl Elliott

"I think that Carl Elliott is the most valuable player in the Atlantic 10... that doesn't mean he's the best player in the conference, but I don't know of another player whose team needs him as much as his needs him, and I told him that. I've always marvelled, even in their great teams of the past two years, I thought he was the lynchpin, I thought he was a very good player. I've talked to NBA people, I've mentioned that there's a big point guard at GW that they all need to see. Point guard is a lousy position in the NBA and I'm a big fan, I think he's just a terrific player, he's just a hard matchup, because he's so strong and big, but he's been in big games and takes big shots."

On other players getting better:

"Thats a sign of a good player, others are better."

GW Head Coach Karl Hobbs

On the game

"I thought in the second half once we settled down, I thought we got the shot that we wanted. I thought we moved the ball very well. I felt we started to panic a little bit in the first half because we couldn't stop them. Once we settled down we started to move the ball a little bit we got all the shots we wanted to get."

How important to get a grind out win

"It was big because we are getting ready to go on the road. Once you get into league play you have to win at home, have to find a way to win at home."

"I can only remember one other game that we played as hard in my career here [second half vs. Marshall in Hobbs' first game]. I thought we played tremendously hard.

About being only a game out of first:

"We are not aware of that at all. We are just playing the game that is ahead of us. We just have to play hard. I just don't want the players to feel any pressure, any expectations."

About getting off to a slow start:

"Tell me about it. It is a concern, but I have to give some credit to Saint Joe's, they kinda shocked us a little bit. They were really, really good. Then we started to panic, but once we settled down. Fortunately for us we were only down four at halftime, I thought that was really big."

About Martelli's comments regarding Carl Elliott:

"He's just doing so much for us and that's what makes him so special. He makes us win even without getting big numbers in scoring. He does all those other things to make him special. I mean tonight he had some steals that were incredible, his anticipation, the way he sees things and makes things happen. I couldn't have said it better and I have to thank coach Martelli for that great comment."

GW senior G Carl Elliott

"It was a pretty big win, that's a good Saint Joseph's basketball team. Saint Joe's has always been a big rivalry, we defended our home."

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