Jan. 26, 2002

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NCAA MEN'S BASKETBALL January 26, 2002

Rhode Island 75 GW 62

Post-Game Comments

Rhode Island Coach Jim Baron

[on finally winning at Smith Center]
"It's been a long time. Our guys did a great job. They really hung together...We executed our game plan right to the end. We've been struggling shooting the basketball, turning it over. But our guys really came together today."

"Our guys did a great job on Chris Monroe. He had 17 points in the first half, and we really keyed on him in the second. But they're a good basketball team. Their upperclassmen have played very, very well, especially Monroe. And that's what we've been trying to get out of our upperclassmen."

"We put ourselves in a position to stay in front. Our guys were just a little more focused tonight. We knew they were a team that could score a lot of points, so we tried to limit them from going to the glass to get a second and third shot. Our guys really focused on that."

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
"I thought we were OK offensively. We put up 62 points which is our average, but our problems were with what we were doing defensively. We broke down too many times in the second half."

[on similarities among the last four losses]
"They're similar in that right now, we're playing about 3 minutes of bad basketball, we just fall apart. At that point, we don't seem to be able to regroup and overcome it. That's been some of the frustration with us right now. We're working hard, and we're trying to win basketball games. But it's become somewhat frustrating for us."

"We're still working hard, we're still trying to win games. As the head coach, I've got to find some way to get us out of this funk. The one thing that I have to make sure that doesn't happen is that the team doesn't lose its enthusiasm, and continue to try and play with some emotion. At this point, that's going to be our battle from here on in because they want to win very badly, and we have a difficult part of the season coming up. That's going to be a challenge for us."



"There is a lot of frustration out there...You're talking about guys who want to win very badly. They had some open looks that didn't go in, and you can see the frustration on their faces. Right now, we are dealing wtih some adversity, that's what we're fighting. I think that adversity builds character, and hopefully that's what will happen with this team."

[on some of the players being fatigued]
"There's no question about it. The number of minutes guys are playing are starting to catch up with us. We have to exert so much energy when we play. Take a guy like T.J. Thompson who's averaging 38 minutes a game. Not only do we fall behind, now we're asking him to play even harder. Earlier in the year, we were able to make runs against teams, no we don't have the legs."

"If you look at us physically, that has a great deal to do with it as well. Chris Monroe can play 40 minutes a game the rest of the year, and I don't think it will affect him. You can see where Jason is starting to get worn down, we're giving up more points in the paint now. And that's the result of those kinds of things."

"We as a staff have to come up with a way to shorten up the game a little bit, maybe not look to run as much...We'll have to play some more guys, and play some more zone, which I hate to do."

"With all due respect, I thought Rhode Island played a tremendous basketball game. They attacked the glass, they made shots, and that's something they haven't done all year, particularly long shots. They made their free throws, and made it difficult for us to make a comeback."

[on being outrebounded]
"We have to be more aggressive. That's something we seem to lack. The two areas I'm most concerned with--and these are the two areas I've been concerned with all year--are rebounding and playing defense. And these are still some major concerns for me."