Feb. 1, 2003

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NCAA Basketball
February 1, 2003

GW 68
Duquesne 58

Post-Game Quotes

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
"Today, we needed to play well, with concentration and focus because this is a young basketball team. Every time out, we have to improve and play better. At times we did that, then at times we reverted to doing immature things on the floor. But the thing that was consistent for the entire afternoon was our defense. It was very, very good."

on the poor free throw shooting
"It kept the momentum from favoring our side. That's one of the little things we need to take care of. I have a saying, 'take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.' Today, we had an opportunity to give some ground because of the free throws Chris and TJ missed."

on the improved rebounding in the 2nd half
"They had 18 rebounds in the first half, and half of them were at the offensive end. That was something we needed to correct. Otherwise, we were playing good defense in the first half. But usually we're the team that's more effective going to the offensive glass. I think we did a good job of correcting that; Pops did a good job of protecting the inside paint, and Mike Hall was fantastic on rebounding."

on Omar Williams' improvement from his injury
"I think his injury was a blessing in disguise. It was an oportunity for him to rest a bit, and for his muscles and bones to heal. Now, his first step is quicker, he's playing with an incredible amount of energy. I'm happy about that because he gives us the versatility to be an effective basketball team, especially on offense because he can take the pressure off T.J. at the point guard spot."

on T.J. Thompson
"He played a terrific game. A couple of times, he lost his concentration and poise. I believe we were up by 8, and we really didn't need a quick play, but he would try and create one anyway. Sometimes he gets caught up in the emotion of the game. So I called time out because it looked like he was getting ready to lose his mind out there. I gave him a hug and we went back out there with a play for him, which was his big 3 in the corner."



"I'm pleased with his growth as a player, and with our relationship during a game. If I got on him last year, I don't know what he would have done. This year if I get on him, it's 'yes coach, I got you; I'll settle down.' That's a sign of maturity, and that's what we need from this team as a whole. We want to win games, but the true measure of the team is how quickly we mature. As the maturity comes, the wins will come with that."

on Xavier
"We'll play differently against Xavier than we did today, I won't know how until we look at film. But whatever our game plain is, the main thing for us is to maintain our focus and concentration for 40 minutes. That'll be a tough game with David West. I haven't seen anybody who can stop him. We'll have our work cut out for us."

Omar Williams
on his injury and having two good games in a row "It wouldn't hurt to begin with, but after a few bumps I'd start feeling it. But for the most part, I felt OK. The coaches have stressed to me to be more aggressive on offense and assert myself more. It's just a matter of attacking the basket and taking advantage of the mismatch."

T.J. Thompson
"It all began Tuesday at practice. We had that tough loss against UMass, but we tried to focus. When we got that first win [against Saint Joseph's], we knew what it would take to keep winning, and keep the streak going."

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