Feb. 4, 2003

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NCAA Basketball
February 4, 2003

Xavier 80
GW 68

Postgame Quotes

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
"Our defense really kept us in the ballgame. I think we were plus one and Pops got a big time rebound, but unfortunately we lost the ball. And somehow the whistle blew and it didn't go our way. That was the difference in the baskeball game. That killed the momentum, and from that point on it was a real struggle to get over the hump."

"We did what we wanted to do, which was limit West's touches and scoring. We also wanted to take away from Myles, and we did that too. And we wanted their guards to beat us with perimeter shooting. That's kind of the GW way with this game. Chalmers had his warm-up game against Richmond to get ready for us. And of course he came in here full-steam, ready to go. Outside of Nelson, he's the best point guard in the league."

on Xavier's maturity vs. GW's youth
"That's the toughest part of a basketball team when you're trying to mature is playing with that much energy, then trying to slow down to run the proper plays and proper sets. That's the next step for this team. We've improved in rebounding, we did a nice job in keeping them off the offensive glass for the most part because that's one of their strong areas. The next step for us is being able to execute when we're plus 1 or down 1. Once we do that, we'll do a better job of taking care of games, especially after the 4-minute mark."

on Omar Williams
"Omar was a very tough match-up for them. He did some things that they weren't able to answer. He made a terrific athletic play when he dunked the ball over West...When he fouled out, it hurt us not having another guy who can control the game with the basketball."

on whether he wants GW to one day be like Xavier
"We want to be like them in terms of the win column; that's not the style I want to play. They do play with a great deal of character and poise. I like their players; they're very respectful the way they play, and have tremendous talent in terms of playing together. There' are not many guys with the talent of David West playing college basketball... They are a team that's really trying to do something special this year. I hope somewhere down the road, we'll be a team trying to do something special too."



Chris Monroe
"I don't think this game hurt us much, except in the standings. This was good experience for Pops and the other players to play against David West. This was a confidence builder, and we have some tough games coming up. This game will prepare us for the road ahead."

Pops Mensah-Bonsu
"We're definitely maturing with every game. I'm hoping sooner or later we can pull out one of these close games against a tough team."

on what the team is gaining despite the losses
"Experience. Every team we play, especially a team like Xavier, you can tell they were poised when we made our runs against them. Our runs didn't phase them one way or the other."

Xavier Coach Thad Matta
on the fast start to the 2nd half
"It all came from West. That was the beauty of it. He had five assists tonight. That tells you the type of kid that he is. We kept yelling at him to shoot and he kept passing it out and did a great job of being unselfish."

on GW's runs
"I felt that if we could just settle down and defend, we would be in good shape. We were getting decent looks, we weren't turning the ball over. It was like what we told them at halftime, we had to shoot the ball better. I had great faith that Dedrick Finn and Lionel Chalmers would knock some shots down. And they did."

on the preparing for the game by staying on the road
"Obviously it didn't hurt us too badly. We were able to spend a lot of time talking to them about not losing their edge. It's tough being in a hotel for three straight days, but we were able to practice and do skill instruction during the day. We had a tough workout last night and got to see a lot of film. So it worked out better than if we had gone back home."

David West
on breaking Mike Brown's A-10 rebounding record
"I didn't know I was that close to it. It's a standard that someone will have to break someday...As I freshman, I wasn't scoring much. My main job on that team was to rebound. Ever since then, it's always been one area where I can help this team."

on playing GW between Richmond and Dayton
"In Coach's mind, this was the most dangerous game [of the three]. We had a whole week to prepare for Richmond. Then Coach decided not to go back to Cincinnati, so we've stayed in hotels for four or five days. And this was a big one. I think Coach was a little nervous about a letdown coming off a big win at Richmond, but we knew they have one of the best players in the league on their team. We knew it was going to be a fight."

on GW's persistence
"Chris Monroe has a big part in that. He's as tough as they get. In the second half, we did a good job as far as not letting him get good looks. But there were a few times when we turned the ball over...and I thought, 'Monroe's getting ready to hit a big shot.' Fortunately he didn't. We wanted to put it away, but they were scrappy and fought to the end. It was good to come out with a win."

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