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Feb. 12, 2003

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George Washington Coach Karl Hobbs

"We're a young team, we're getting better. We ran into a team tonight who was coming off a loss who played well on their homecourt."

"Along with Xavier, they are one of the most experienced teams in the conference and one of the most talented."

"Dayton played very well tonight. They have great talent and experience, along with good size and skills which makes them very hard to beat."

Dayton head coach Oliver Purnell

"Obviously, I'm pleased to get this win because it keeps us in first place. The last thing we wanted to do is get on a losing streak. I was concerned with how we reacted after Saturday, because we hadn't lost a game in a long time. But we got an important win tonight. Our players proved they wanted to get that winning feeling back. When you win nine in a row, losing is a strange feeling for you."

"GW is a tough team to block out because they're agile and quick. Our offense carried us tonight, but our defense was mostly hit or miss. We had trouble guarding their quick drivers, so we had to go small to guard them. That's when we took the lead, when we went with a small lineup. Our ability to go small was important to us. GW decided go with a small lineup, we went small in the first half and that helped us expand our lead. And then we went back to it in the second half and that helped us pull away. It gave them problems with our offensive quickness."

"We've always talked about sharing the ball, and then we starting saying hey we want to continue to do that because that is one of the things that makes us really good."

(On not putting away GW early in the second half)
"Not nearly as frustrating when we win. Maybe this is just us this season. We'll find out. It takes a certain mindset to do that [put teams away], and right now, we don't have it. Obviously, the most important thing is to get the win. But from a coaches' standpoint, you'd like to see the lead go to 25-to-30."



"First of all, we had an answer for the things they tried to throw at us. We were prepared for their pressing defense. We made them pay for their pressure by going inside. We were prepared and did a good job of reacting."

"Negatives for the night were moving over for help on defense, and giving up weak side rebounds. Also talking, the more you talk defense the more successful you are going to be. We've got to work on our defense and rebounding, when we defend and rebound we're awfully good. I didn't think we were great tonight because we didn't keep them off the glass. We were good, but we could have been great."

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