Feb. 17, 2007

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February 17, 2007

Temple 72
@ GW 84

Postgame comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs

Why did you shuffle the line-up?

"We needed a change, and I thought the change was good. We got the result that I wanted, and that was for us to play overall with a little more intensity. Sometimes, you have to try different things. You have to know the pulse of your team when when to tweak something."

What did you do at halftime to give the team more energy?

"I thought we had pretty good energy in the first half....They just had too many opportunities to drive to the basket. We were anticipating them to shoot more threes, and our gameplan was to take that away from them. We didn't anticipate that they would pack us off the dribble. It caught us off guard. And they're pretty talented, athletic, and strong."

What did you do to limit Dionte Chrismas to 5 points?

"Part of it was that he missed shots. But I don't think he had more than two wide-open looks. We always had somebody around him that he had to pay special attention to."

Any thoughts on Richmond?

"Playing Richmond is like having your wisdom teeth pulled. [laughs] They spread you out, they're all tall, all the guys can post, they shoot 3s, they run a very good offense. They're young, but they're getting better and learning how to handle pressure."

GW G Carl Elliott

Did the line-up change affect the team's intensity?

"I think it helped. Guys were coming off the bench more energized and enthusiastic. It did what coach wanted it to do.. It helped me and Maureece Rice because Travis King can also bring the ball up."

How difficult has the four-game losing streak been?



"It's been tough. I haven't been on a losing streak like this since I've been here. But this is a young basketball team, and we're going to have those kinds of days."

Can one win change the team's psyche?

"I think it'll help us to be more focused in upcoming games and stick to the gameplan like we did today. Our confidence is still high. The losses were due to mental mistakes--not boxing out or finding the guy. Correct those mistakes and we're back on track."

GW F Rob Diggs

Comment on your second-half performance. What made the difference?

"My teammates just ran plays and got me the ball in situations where I could score. I was trying to play hard and rebound every shot...I'm going to play hyped whether I start or come off the bench, and crash every time the ball's on the rim."

Temple Coach Fran Dunphy

What happened in the second half to change the flow of the game?

"There were a couple of plays that happened against us. Loose balls were a critical piece. I'll be anxious to look at the film and see how many loose balls we didn't come up with...It seemed like GW was a little bit quicker to the balls than we were. We were running out every time before we secured the ball."

"GW also got some good performances. Hollis made a jumper at the top of the key at one point. And looking at Elliott's numbers, a triple-double is pretty impressive. He's a solid, solid player... We played fairly well in stretches, but we didn't close possessions out."

Did you expect Hollis to score from outside?

"Yes, since he went four for five against St. Joe's the other night. He stepped up and made shots when he needed to...and today he did the same thing."

Comment on your extensive use of the zone today.

"In the first half, we played good zone. We let Rice up for air on a sidelines out of bounds play, which we never should have done. And at the end of the half, we didn't do a good job trailing him on the baseline. But overall, I'm pleased with our zone.

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