Feb. 21, 2002

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NCAA MEN'S BASKETBALL February 21, 2002

Dayton 89 GW 59

Post-Game Comments

Dayton Coach Oliver Purnell "Two things we wanted to do tonight was obviously win, and elevate our level of play. We've been creeping toward that in the last two games, particularly getting back to our old form which is defensive rebounding. This team is number 1 in the conference in defense, and number 2 in the nation in rebounding. That's our forte. Once we can make some shots, we can be dangerous."

"This is the only 2-game road swing we've had all year. If you're going to have it , it's good to do it while you're playing well."

"I felt like as long as we didn't offer them opportunities to get started...that's with any team in this league. If you offer them opportunities to get started, anything can happen, particularly with GW, which likes the transition game. I was very concerned that we didn't let up defensively and allow them easy opportunities to get started."

[on the buzzer-beating 3-pointer to end the 1st half] "It's a momentum thing, sure it's important. We go up by 18 instead of 15. It's a game of momentum. We get that shot and come out and hit the first shot in the second half, so you look at that swing around the corner at the halves, that's always big in a ballgame."

GW Coach Karl Hobbs "It's like anything else, you pick yourself off the floor. The best thing is that we play again Saturday. We have one day to practice and pretend this didn't happen. Then we march on and we try to beat Richmond. It's as simple as that."

"They came out and beat us in every phase of the game--rebounding, transition, they made shots. We just couldn't find a way to stop them...it was very difficult trying to defend them."

"In every situation, there are some positives. The most positive thing that happened today is that there was a scuffle and Chris Monroe showed a great deal of class. He kept a cool head and held guys back. Last year, it would have been a different story, it would have been an all-out war. I like the fact that he showed a great deal of character in that situation. You've got to understand, he was extremely frustrated, and so was the rest of the team."



"I liked the fact that Tamal [Forchion] is coming along. He didn't shoot the ball well, but I like the things that he's doing. I like that T.J. [Thompson] played the whole way and he's doing the things I'm asking him to do."

[on the 3 technical fouls] "Anytime you play hard and practice hard, and things aren't going your way, you get a little frustrated about it. I'm not so sure that Greg Collucci's situation warranted a technical. Basically he went over to the referee and said, 'Hey, I thought I got hit.' But Greg has to be a little smarter. he can't go over and complain to an official. I hope he's learned from that tonight."

"[After the technical foul on Darnell Miller,], just told them to keep their poise and keep control. All I know is that I saw the kid bop Darnell and I saw Darnell react to it. I just have no idea why a technical foul was called on the kid as soon as he bopped Darnell. But that has nothing to do with how we played defense. The bottom line is they beat us in every phase of the basketball game. Those frustration technicals had nothing to do with them getting more rebounds than we did, getting more stops than we did, and scoring more points than we did."

"We just need to play better basketball, particularly against good times like this one, which still has a chance to make the NCAA tournament. They're not going to come in here and make mistakes and shoot themselves in the foot. We have to play an almost perfect game to beat these teams now."

"It's difficult for me to look ahead to next year because I want to finish off this year right. We've building a basketball program, and that means putting the proper things in place. The number one thing I wanted to do was establish some things off the basketball court, and we've done that. Step number two is establish a work ethic on the court, and we've done that. Now we have to get them to not only play hard and with effort, but to play smart basketball. And that's the next part of it."

"We can't play these teams that are more athletic and us and try to beat them straight-up man-to-man. We have to switch defenses to try and confuse teams and force them to beat us from the perimeter. Unfortunately, we're not having a lot of success with them, but that's what we're trying to do."

"The bottom is line you can't make excuses. We have to work hard, be creative as a staff, and try to win on Saturday. Then we have to go back, work just as hard, and be just as creative to try and win the following Saturday at Fordham. Then you have to do the same thing with the tournament--find a way to get better as a basketball team. You can't start looking at the future. It's one game at a time, and we're trying to get better and prepare ourselves for each, individual basketball game."

"I'm so appreciative of the students behind our bench because they stayed there the entire game--for no apparent reason, by the way. But they stuck with us, and that's what I like about those guys. They represent what our team is. Now, we have to follow their lead to some extent, and stick right in there the way they stuck with us."

Darnell Miller "[Dayton] is a good team. We came out and played hard and kept fighting and fighting. But it seemed like they made every shot. That's the way the game goes. Now we have to come back tomorrow and work hard, and get ready for the next game."

"I don't think we're thinking too hard about trying to make our shots. We work hard in practice and go through shooting drills. Coach is a great teacher and he helps us a lot. The shots just aren't falling."

"It's great to have the students come out and support us, even with this losing streak. It means a lot to us to know that they're still behind us and trying to help us win."

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