Feb. 21, 2007

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February 21, 2007

Richmond 49 @ GW 68

Postgame comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs

Was this game the "root canal" experience that you expected?

"It really was. We tried to play the man-to-man and they just executed and made hard cuts. I can't remember the last time we played so much zone. We just could not stay with those guys."

How did playing zone help your game?

"It took them out of their rhythm. The fluidity of their offense was running with precision, and they were running it at full speed. When we went to zone, we were able to break up their continuity a little bit. Thank goodness we did. When we were in the man-to-man, their execution was terrific. The score doesn't reflect how difficult a game it was."

What will be important in this two-game road trip?

"I like to think that our mindset will be different. In our road losses this season, we didn't do a good job rebounding. We're going up against one of the league's best rebounding teams in La Salle. That game will be won or lost based on what we do on the backboard...Teams shoot 75% on us when they get a second shot. That's a high percentage. When we eliminate that second shot, that percentage goes way down. So we have to rebound and make sure they don't get second chances."

GW sophomore F Rob Diggs

Has your preparation changed now that you're coming off the bench rather than starting?

"Not really. I lift more now so that I won't be pushed around under the basket, and work on my mid-range shot. We really needed to do it, especially after we got cracked a couple of times on the backboard. I felt like I needed to get stronger, and now I'm able to hold my ground better...If someone's bigger than you, you're going to try and use your speed. But sometimes, you need some strength to go along with your speed."



GW senior G Carl Elliott

Why has rebounding become a bigger part of your game?

"We've emphasized rebounding ever since the losing streak. Before, it fell mainly on the big guys to rebound. But coach has asked all of us to stick our noses in there, and that's what I'm doing."

Richmond coach Chris Mooney
Opening statement

"I'm always impressed with how GW shares the ball for such an athletic team. That helps them because they take shots that are makeable and shots they are used to taking. I thought my guys played well enough that it shouldn't have been a 19-point differential."

Were you pleased with taking 21 3-point shots?

"It's tough because they play the 1-3-1 zone so much...Against them, you're going to have to take what you get because trying to pound it inside may be inviting a little more pressure. I don't think we would have taken too many if we had made a few more."

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